GR 75+ Support proc wizzard

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  • Arcane Torrent Static Discharge
  • Meteor Molten Impact
  • Frost Nova Frozen Mist
  • Slow Time Time Shell
  • Black Hole Event Horizon
  • Energy Armor Force Armor
  • Elemental Exposure
  • Conflagration
  • Cold Blooded
  • Astral Presence


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Esoteric Alteration
    • Gogok of Swiftness
    • Iceblink

Kanai's Cube

  • The Grand Vizier
  • Leoric's Crown
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur


This is a 4 man party speed grift build following the current static charge monk meta. capable of GR 70+ speed runs.

It is mandatory to run with a healer and a static monk and preferably with a support barb. You can run without the barb but it will lower the gr ceiling because the loss of ignore pain will hurt the survivability of the group too much above GR 68-69.

Ideal group composition for gr 70+:

Istvan healer monk

static charge monk

ignore pain support barb

support proc wizzard

composition for gr 67-68:

xp heal monk

static charge monk

swk monk

support proc wizzard

What the build provides

very good proc rates through arcane torrent static discharge

16% chc

45-75% damage debuff (additive) depending on bracer used.

10% ias

25% dr + melee and ranged attack slows

full xp gear paired with very good toughness.

blackhole pulls + inmobilize that will remove elite affixes.


very tight pulls that paired with the mentioned slows will keep mobs inmobilized in a tight cluster for quite a few seconds for offensive setting


weapon: you want a dagger with 7% ias for faster aps to hit a higher arcane torrent breakpoint, this means more procs per second. Ideally a 5 affix.

rolls: 6-7% ias, 10% cdr, rcr, vit, mainstat or fire or arcane damage roll (for elemental exposure passive if ranselor scout version)

rings: hellfire + leoric signet/obsidian ring: for more xp and/or more black hole spam

rolls: 6-7% ias on both, socket, cdr, rcr and keep the crit chance in leoric/obsidian ( for ap management through apoc)

amulet: slot is open but a good inmunity, hellfire or 5 affix flavour of time should be best.

rolls: 6-7% ias, socket, cdr, vit

borns set, shoulder + chest: more xp and cdr.

shoulder: cdr, vit, %life, rcr

chest: vit, armour, all resist, sockets with diamonds

cains set, glove + pants: more %ias and xp

Gloves: 6-7% ias, cdr, chc, vit

pants: vit, armour, all resist, sockets with diamonds

head: crown of primus for enhanced slowtime, 4 apoc is mandatory for resource management

rolls: 4 apoc, vit, mainstat

offhand: stormshield for extra melee dr.

rolls: vit, %life, cdr, mainstat (dex or str preferably)

belt: string of ears for extra melee dr.

rolls: vit, ar, life%, armour


Illusory boots for free moovement if you are going to drop telepot.

Ice climbers to gain inmunity to frozen

Firewalkers to proc fire element and conflag passive if not using fire spell with ranselor variant

rolls: mainstat, vit, all resist, moove speed


strongarms for the black hole variant.

ranselors folly for the scout/prep variation

rolls: chc, mainstat, vit, ar

stat goals:

aps: around 2.3 aps unbuffed. So with full gogok stacks, retribution mantra and inside slow time, you should be at 2.86 aps

cdr: around 30-50% pre gogok stacks depending on variation.

rcr: around 20-35% depending on variation.

chc: around 30%

apoc: 4

toughness: unbuffed 60m+

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Maximum Resource
Primary Stat


Attack Speed
Cooldown Reduction
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Resource Cost Reduction
Gold Find
Life on Hit
Area Damage

core: get enough ms for 25% then rest in vitality. max resource if scout/prep variant.

offense: attack speed, cdr, chc, chd

defense: life, armour, all resist, lps

utility: rcr, gold find and dont put points in loh and area damage (lags)

Build Guide


it will depend on the variation you choose.

With strongarm bracers and Event Horizon: You just run along your healer monk, set up ur debuffs and channel at:sd for procs. cast bh event horizon on problematic affixes or for additional grouping and strong arm debuffing. you can also help luring mobs into established pulls with ranged attacks as most of your debuffs are long lasting. Event horizon Handle elites very well since you can apply crowd control on them and remoove affixes that hurt like arcane sentry, frozen, etc

For conflag application, You either choose:

A fire spell like magic weapon:ignite/blizzard apocalypse/fire meteor, so you will have to choose between force armour and safe passage teleport. If you drop teleport you can cube something else instead of aether walker, but then you must take illusory boots. Since you are running a spell of each element. there is no need for a specific damage type roll on the weapon for elemental exposure passive so you can roll off the damage range for more ehp/rcr/cdr.

Or run a fire proc weapon in cube, which will free up a skill slot. This will need a fire damage roll on weapon for elemental exposure passive.


molten impact meteor variant: will require to cube grand vizier for more met rcr. and with your cdr + obsidian ring you will be able to cast this big aoe fire spell, that is quite decent at proccing extra sc webs. every few seconds which is enough to keep permanent conflag debuff on a couple locations. Will also allow to spam black hole very fast for affix cleaning. If you dont want to gear for so much cdr you can take meteor shower, but it is a bit more random on the landing location, thus debuffing, and has a lesser proc coef.

blizzard apocalypse variant: will have bigger aoe and more consistent conflag aplication than mw: ignite, and blizzard can generate extra sc procs. Doesnt need as much cdr as blackhole and can run leoric instead of obsidian ring but will need more rcr. Allows to cube aether walker and use teleport for mobility.

magic weapon ignite variant: Your frozen mist and at:sd now applies fire damage so conflag passive as well. It wont cost you extra ap. the fire dot cant generate extra sc procs. Allows to cube aether walker and use teleport for mobility. Can drop some rcr and cdr for more ehp.

Cubed fire proc weapon variant: You cube a fire proc weapon in the cube like scourge/maximus/sunder to generate fire damage procs to give the conflag debuff. After some testing scourge seems to be the best option, since has aoe and procs at the needed frequency. This frees up a skill slot which could be used to either help with either ap generation like arcanot or conduit(allowing to remove chc+ apoc for more ehp), mobility with safepassage teleport or use lightning storm blizzard for an additional 15% lightning debuff. Since you are not running a fire spell you will need to take a fire damage roll on the weapon for the fire elemental exposure debuff stack.

With ranselor bracers: Has a higher skill/coordination cap, as ur running prep/scout. It is based on shortening the static charge debuff phase and first fof dot apllication by getting a very high mob density (no target cap) pull in a very small hitbox. First thing you need to comunicate with your healer monk so that he does not inmediately start cyclone strike, he should delay it a bit because it will mess up ranselors pulls mob density. which he could benefit from if he gets his FoF dot rolling on a tight cluster.

you have to play like a semi scout, running up (porting) slightly ahead of the goup and preping the pulls. Which means cast an energy twister in the desired and favorable location and inmediately drop a slowtime over the pull so that it stays tight. shortly after both monks should arrive to profit from ur tight cluster so u port into the pack and drop frozen mist and walk over them (firewalkers) for the extra debuffs and start channeling arcane torrent for proc madness.

Scout playstyle will need force armour for taking more hits when when away from the healer and safe passage teleport with aether walker cubed for mobility.

You should be skipping/dragging most elites once the trash surrounding them is clear with this setup as ranselors doesnt pull them in. And you should be aware of you ap when scouting so you have enough for starting a twister pull/start channeling. You will need aether walker in cube and more focus on rcr + max ap on paragon.


Wicked wind Energy Twister: gear used is ranselor folly in bracers + firewalkers + fire damage roll on weapon. Skillwise, You swap black hole for wicked wind and the fire spell for safe passage teleport. This has lesser conflag debuff as u have to walk next to mobs for it but a much better pull inmobilize with the stationary twister.

Gale force Energy Twister: Gear used is ranselors folly in bracers + iceclimbers + arcane roll on weapon. Skillwise, You swap black hole for Gale force and the fire spell for safe passage teleport. This has better conflag passive debuff as the twister is fire and inmunity to freeze. Twisters moove around and might moove things around when they pull again.

Additional notes:

Ranselors Folly ET pull run video:


originary threads:



Arcane torrent static discharge mechanics:

static discharge casts 2 extra bolts per tick with proc capabilities that pierce.

aps breakpoint table:
1.42858-1.53846 aps - 13 frames - 4.62 ticks per second
1.53847-1.66666 aps - 12 frames - 5.00 ticks per second
1.66667-1.81818 aps - 11 frames - 5.45 ticks per second
1.81819-1.99999 aps - 10 frames - 6.00 ticks per second
2.00000-2.22222 aps - 9 frames - 6.67 ticks per second
2.22223-2.49999 aps - 8 frames - 7.50 ticks per second
2.50000-2.85714 aps - 7 frames - 8.57 ticks per second
2.85715-3.33333 aps - 6 frames - 10.0 ticks per second
3.33334-4.00000 aps - 5 frames - 12.0 ticks per second
4.00001-5.00000 aps - 4 frames - 15.0 ticks per second

arcane torrent proc coef : 0.2 per tick and extra bolt.

expected proc/s @ suggested aps: 10 x 3 x 0.2 = 6 proc/s per target in main aoe.


scryaa: for the idea that a support wiz could be enabled by a sc monk.

muz: for his teleportless variation and his video footage of gr76 run.

vox: for the backbone of the support wiz and scout playstyle.

bossdog, Atiosh, nerven and the russian guy (sorry cant type acliric) for helping me test this out.