Non-Istvans/Budget Max XP Generator Heal Monk (Speed 70-75s)

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  • Way of the Hundred Fists Fists of Fury
  • Dashing Strike Blinding Speed
  • Cyclone Strike Implosion
  • Inner Sanctuary Forbidden Palace
  • Mantra of Healing Sustenance
  • Mystic Ally Enduring Ally
  • Beacon of Ytar
  • Harmony
  • Alacrity
  • Resolve


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Gogok of Swiftness
    • Esoteric Alteration
    • Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard

Kanai's Cube

  • Flying Dragon
  • Leoric's Crown
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur

You have some wiggle room based on where your put your Inna's set pieces vs where your Cain's set goes. Just make sure you have the Inna's 4 Piece and Cain's 3 Piece bonus when you're done mixing and matching. Generally try and make sure your gloves and head are Ancient since they can roll up to 1000 mainstat/vitality vs the normal 750.

Every piece of armor that has the ability to roll a secondary resist should have it. Physical resist should be prioritized over other resists due to how the Esoteric Alteration gem works.

Hellfire Amulet Passive Variants:

  • Seize the Initiative for more Attack Speed
  • Chant of Resonance for easier Mantra Spam
  • Unity for slightly more group DPS
  • Sixth Sense/Guardian's Path for more Survivability
  • Near Death Experience for Mallet Lord Protection

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Primary Stat
Maximum Resource


Cooldown Reduction
Attack Speed
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage


Life Regeneration
Resist All


Resource Cost Reduction
Gold Find
Life on Hit
Area Damage

Life on Hit and Area damage can cause the game to lag in high density situations. The value you get from Life on Hit compared to your massive 1 million life per second is essentially useless anyway.

Build Guide

This build is designed to pair with a Static Charge (SC) Monk. It has the max possible XP gear while providing over 1 million LPS, mob debuffs, decent mobility, and a very high attack speed to proc SC. You can cube Illusory Boots/Crudest Boots instead of Leoric's Crown for more LPS or Mobility respectively for a loss of only 3.125% XP per group member. While an Istvan's Blade build has a higher damage ceiling, the weapons are difficult to obtain/roll well. This build utilizes two crafted weapons which require very little effort to get rolling.