Quin69 - GR69+ Hammer Crusader

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  • Blessed Hammer Limitless
  • Laws of Valor Critical
  • Provoke Too Scared to Run
  • Falling Sword Flurry
  • Akarat's Champion Prophet
  • Iron Skin Flash
  • Fervor
  • Holy Cause
  • Finery
  • Blunt


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Bane of the Trapped
    • Bane of the Stricken
    • Pain Enhancer

Kanai's Cube

  • The Furnace
  • Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan
  • Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Primary Stat
Maximum Resource


Cooldown Reduction
Attack Speed
Critical Hit Damage
Critical Hit Chance


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Resource Cost Reduction
Life on Hit
Area Damage
Gold Find

Build Guide

[Quin69] here!
Updated: 14/10/2015

In my opinion/experience this build is currently one of the strongest possible crusader setups for competitive solo greater rift laddering.

Please note: I always keep my diablo fans guides up to date and will be making adjustments to the guide whenever there is a shift in endgame meta! so be sure to check back, and vote on the guide!

Basic game-play strategy:

  • Constantly throw Blessed hammers
  • Use Prevoke on CD
  • Use Iron Skin on CD
  • Use Akarats Champion on CD
  • Use Falling Sword every 5 seconds
  • Use Laws of valor during holy CoE Proc's
Hellfire Passive/Passive variations in order of power:

  • Indestructible (op survivability boost)
  • Vigilance (not recommended, good for HC - replaces blunt)

Stat Priority:

  • Helm: Socket>Crit>Blessed Hammer>Str>Vit
  • Shoulders: Str>Vit>All Res>8% CDR
  • Torso: x3 Sockets>Str>Vit>All Res
  • Legs: x2 Sockets>Str>Vit
  • Gloves: Crit>CHD>CDR>Str>Vit
  • Rings: Socket>Crit>CHD>CDR
  • Waist: Str>Vit>7% AS>50% CHD
  • Wrist: 20% holy damage>Crit
  • Boots: Str>vit>Blessed Hammer>All Res
  • Amulet: Socket>20% Holy damage>Crit>ChD
  • Weapon: Str>10% Dmg>LoH
  • Shield: Str>Crit>Blessed Hammer>Socket>LPWS=Vit



Q: Does Focus+Restraint snapshot?

A: No, they are both dynamic buffs.

Q: Why am i getting instantly killed gr60+?

A: Make sure your stats look something like this: 1200+ All resistance | 16,000+ Armour | 500,000+ Health.

Q: What gem should i put in my helmet socket?
A: Red gem for XP, White for Pushing!

Q: What normal gems should i put in my chest/pants?
A: Rubies (Diamonds if you're HC or need all res).

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Be sure to check back on the guide every now and then! as i am always making minor changes.

Note: I will try answer as many questions as i can! and will read all of your posts, but obviously doing a gear-check for each one of you bros or re-answering the same question over and over will take all day :P If you want a direct answer come follow the stream <3