Spirit Master

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  • Spirit Barrage Well of Souls
  • Haunt Poisoned Spirit
  • Spirit Walk Jaunt
  • Horrify Frightening Aspect
  • Fetish Army Tiki Torchers
  • Summon Zombie Dogs Burning Dogs
  • Jungle Fortitude
  • Rush of Essence
  • Spirit Vessel
  • Zombie Handler


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Enforcer
    • Taeguk
    • No Gem Selected

This build follows the basic pet build, and thus, the pet build items. Taskers and a MoJ will really make this build shine. Though the build can function without them, they will definitely make doing T6 a joke.

Amulets - This slot is basically open for whatever you can get. Any element absorb ammy is ideal. Other decent replacements are the Hellfire Amulet or maybe an Ess of Johan.

Set pieces - This build is also using the Zunimassa set, as the damage mitigation from the 4 piece bonus is groovy. The 2 piece makes this build safer to use in higher difficulties as there is a wall of fetish always around.(and lets not forget those zombie dogs, folks!) If you decide to go for 6 piece, you can use the string of skulls, this will also boost the damage of your Fetish Army, which will always be there, so it's a pretty tasty addition. The 6 piece will also play in nicely, since the only skills you'll be using are spenders. Otherwise, I'd recommend the Aughild 2 piece for the 3 piece bonus (using a RoRG) for that extra toughness. You can't really beat that mitigation in those 2 slots in a build like this, so I'd strongly recommend that. That covers basically all of the other gear pieces aside from rings, which are straight forward, as you need the RoRG and Pox.

Belt - The Belt of Transcendence is a pretty tasty new item, I'm not sure if many have picked up on it. This belt summons fetish whenever you hit with Spirit Barrage or Haunt, both of which also stack up your Taeguk, which indeed is also pretty tasty. This also replaces your need for sycophant passive, which allows you to put on Jungle Fortitude, making you and your pets that much harder to kill.

Offhand - As I've stated above, you're mostly looking for a Zuni String of Skulls to maximize your damage output, but if you're looking for sustain damage and toughness, you could also go for a Uhkapian Serpent. The legendary bonus on the US paired with the Zuni 4 piece will probably be pretty insane toughness.

Weapon - I haven't fully tested both, but either the Burning Axe of Sankis, or the Devastator. (which is crafted, I'd recommend making an ancient one as soon as possible until you get an ancient Burning Axe if that's what you're going for.) Otherwise, really whatever you can get... any 1 hander that's ancient should do nicely, as you don't have very many important cooldowns to worry about, so the SMK isn't required.

Gems - With a pet build comes the pet gem, Enforcer. This is straight forward and requires no explanation. Taeguk is a great gem for this build. Stacking damage, and at rank 25, armor, lets you channel Spirit Barrage in many an occasion and do very nice damage, especially because this damage translates into your fetish. The armor you get on your gear = armor you get while standing still. The third gem I've been playing around with, and so far as I can tell you can use whatever you're comfortable with, as long as it's not something that procs while being close to something. (i.e. Wreath of Lightning, Bane of the Trapped cold aura) What I've been toying with are the Efficacious Toxin, at 25 that extra damage boost is nice, Zei's stone, because most of the time if you can stand a bit further back, you're standing in safety, so you'll be doing a bit more damage that way. So far those 2 seem pretty good choices, but as you play the build, your play style may support different gems such as the Pain Enhancer, or if you're running rifts or other such things, the Bane of the Powerful.

Paragon Priorities


Primary Stat
Movement Speed
Maximum Resource


Attack Speed
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage
Cooldown Reduction


Life Regeneration
Resist All


Life on Hit
Resource Cost Reduction
Area Damage
Gold Find

Core - I tend to not worry about movement speed so much... but if you're gonna use it, put your earlier points into it. Otherwise I usually drop points into int/vit evenly. Resource is more or less useless, so max it out if you have the levels, otherwise don't stress yourself too much.

Offense - There is some debate whether or not the AS is necessary at the start. Cooldowns are more or less wasted points as there isn't really anything you need here, since you're only using 2 skills to summon pets at the start, then not worrying about those buttons so much until you hit a really nasty pack. CC/CD can be interchanged depending on what you're lacking. If you're using a ceremonial knife / sword or a dagger, I suppose you can go right into CC/CD depending on what you need.

Defense - Armor is king on this build, since Taeguk increases your toughness the more stacks you have. Life regen is always a bonus if you need to run away and gain some health back (you could also use the wildebeast gem if you want to stack this up a bit, since the 3rd gem is basically open for what you want to use.) Followed by life, life is always good, no? And last but not least you can start stacking that AR up even more. This is not QUITE as important since you're an int based class, and they have the benefit of gaining AR as the gain more int.

Utility - Aside from the LoH and cost reduction, personally I think this is a waste of paragon points. Since you have to spend them, max LoH first. Cost reduction will be next, since the less you spend, the faster you can gain mana back, ultimately making you cast Spirit Barrage for free due to Rush of Essence. Then go for area damage, this will actually help kill trash mobs faster while using Spirit Barrage, but after you get your fetish, they turn into trash clearers. Unless you're a broke fool, max out gold find last. If you need it, max it third.

Build Guide

Hey folks. I've been theorycrafting this build for quite some time. With the latest patch, they've finally made this build come to life. I've always been a huge fan of Spirit Barrage, especially when it was paired with Rush of Essence. I like the skill because it allows you to move very fluid on the battlefield, and really burn down those annoying monsters while you're running around. (I'm looking at you, you bastard fat goat caster dudes.) The pair on these skills are great because they allow you to attack continuously and not have to worry about mana. Anyone who has played a WD, knows that one of the main concerns is getting that mana back so you can DPS everything to death.

This build is a fire build, because since the heart and soul of this build is Spirit Barrage, my favorite rune has always been Well of Souls, and since the damage has been changed to fire, so must I. With the new Poisoned Spirit rune for Haunt, it makes it a really good pair when going for maximum single target DPS. This is designed this way for those pesky rift guardians. Since we're going fire, everything that's gonna do damage aside from Haunt, must be fire. If my memory serves, the Fetish Sycophants that spawn, do damage based on what your Fetish Army rune is. That being said, if you're using Tiki Torchers, then anything you're summoning is doing fire damage. Zombie dogs don't really seem to do that much additional damage over time with their fire aura, which i'm not sure why, but otherwise their main attack should be doing more damage with this set up, which makes it worth using. You've got your Spirit Walk for those OH SHIT! moments, and I'm a huge fan of Horrify - Frightening Aspect. Crowd Control that can be used on anything but bosses and rift guardians allows for a nice safety net when you have things like teleporter or vortex, which WILL save your life. After using it, you get a nice 35% armor buff, which is also wonderful since you'll be stacking armor on your gear.

This build has done me proud in T6. I've been pushing up the levels of GRs, but I still need to do some testing (and acquire better gear!) to really iron out where this build is comfortable. Since it's a variation of your standard pet build, I'd bet it can be well on it's way to GR 30, or higher. This will vary depending on your gear choices, and your overall play style.