Delrasha - GR50+ 4pc Delsere's & 6pc Tal Rasha's

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  • Teleport Calamity
  • Energy Armor Force Armor
  • Black Hole Supermassive
  • Slow Time Time Warp
  • Magic Missile Glacial Spike
  • Mirror Image Duplicates
  • Elemental Exposure
  • Evocation
  • Unstable Anomaly
  • Illusionist


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard
    • Gem of Efficacious Toxin
    • Bane of the Trapped

Kanai's Cube

  • The Furnace
  • Crown of the Primus
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur

Delrasha is a fun, alternative Wizard hybrid build that's capable of clearing high level Greater Rifts.

[Please note]: Patch 2.4 marks the end of the Delrasha builds. The Delsere 4pc set bonus was changed from previously making Slow Time deal 2000% dmg per second into now providing Damage Reduction for the player and party. Have fun!

[Please note]: Patch 2.3 is out, but most of this information is still relevant. I won't create a new build this time around, but here's two new videos:
GR60 with Ranslor's Folly/Strongarm Bracers and GR61 with Meteor Shower.

Delrasha is reliable first and foremost. Always performs well.
It brings very decent damage to the table while at the same time coming packed with several other benefits:

- Great Crowd Control via Slow Time, Black Hole, Glacial Spike and Calamity.
- Tanks/meat shields via Mirror Images that will taunt and cast the same spells you cast.
- High uptime of both Slow Time and resists/damage stacks from the Tal Rasha set.
- Great for Groups - tons of CC + debuffs and the damage is solid enough.
- Doesn't require a specific weapon, and there's a lot of room for experimenting.
- Fast and fun playstyle that's easy enough to get into, but a bit harder to master.

GR50 was cleared in 10 mins 25 sec in this video, but the potential is a lot higher (please see links to the other videos). My current record is GR56 in 14 mins 59 (!) sec using a variation of this build, but I've also had some attempts at GR57 that weren't too far off. Just didn't have good rift RNG for those runs unfortunately, but I know that it's more than possible. I don't have the mindset to go "extreme fishing" for those "perfect rifts", so I mostly just play the rifts I get. Some have cleared GR57-58 using a variation of this build and GR60 or higher is absolutely within reach for those determined enough to venture that far.

This guide has been updated several times since it was first posted.

-|- See the YouTube playlist for more action (7 videos so far)!

-|- @Twitch: /rebjorn - Please note: Not actively streaming right now.

- /// /// /// /// /// -

Update: GR55 with Crown of the Primus and Devastator. Crown of the Primus
is often overlooked in favor of the Nilfur's Boast boots because of the significant boost to +Meteor damage. I wanted to try something different and make the most of the advantages the Crown of the Primus brings to the table. For those who wouldn't mind jumping into a discussion, please see the official D3 forums topic. Some of you might be interested in reading up on what participants in that topic have to say.

- /// /// /// /// /// -

Update: GR50 with Triumvirate and Arcane Orb.
Featuring Bogan Trappers, Tusked Bogans and other pesky monsters. Triumvirate is actually a viable option, especially for lower level GRs/speedruns - but isn't half bad at 50+ either. Most importantly, it's different and it kind of works!

- /// /// /// /// /// -

Major update: GR55 with Serpent's Sparker and Mammoth Hydras.
This was definitely a challenging run, I literally would have died at any time if I even sneezed or blinked. Winged Assassins, Corrupted Angels, you name it.. a couple of deaths as a result of some particularly nasty poundings. No real benefit from pylons, Eskandiel as the Rift Guardian. For this run I swapped out Evocation for Arcane Dynamo. See the video description for more information.

If there's one recommendation I'd make for players wanting to test this build out, it's to swap Convention of Elements for Unity (with one on the Follower as well of course) and don't spend your highest level keys before you've gotten used to how it works.

Do a few runs and if things are looking good, but you're starting to feel that you're lacking damage, swap out Unity for CoE again.

- /// /// /// /// /// -

Major update: New video - GR53: 12 mins 9 seconds clear with a Stun build, making use of Moratorium, Gizzard, Ancient Parthan Defenders and Stun skills. Text written in peach below is the information pertaining to this video and this alternative build in particular. You can scroll down beyond that to continue reading the original guide (which is still relevant). D3planner snapshot here for those interested.

- /// /// /// /// /// - Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard + Moratorium - /// /// /// /// /// -

These legendary gems are like made for each other. With a high enough level version of both of these gems, they really start to shine. Moratorium basically becomes a -25% to ALL damage taken gem in combination with Gizzard. Some real synergy right here.

Let's say you take 500,000 damage - the 8.40 second Moratorium in the example will reduce that damage to 375,000 with 14,880 damage taken per second over 8.40 seconds. Here's where the Gizzard kicks in - the Gizzard in the example provides 65,000 life per second, meaning that even if you took up to 2,000,000 damage you would still be covered as 14,880x4=59,250. So, as long as you're not biting the dust, Moratorium in this scenario does become a flat -25% damage taken - and that's counting ALL damage - Reflect Damage, Winged Assassins, charging mobs, ranged attacks, melee attacks, many Rift Guardians .. et cetera.

Now, of course there's also the added bonus of Moratorium's 10% chance of resetting the damage taken over time when you kill a monster - this is just icing on the cake in my opinion - what you'll want is to just level the gem up to as high a level as possible. Remember though that for scenarios where you're fighting monsters that spawn a lot of low health minions, you do have an advantage as those lesser enemies will reset the debuff.

Let's get back to how these gems interact with each other. We're not forgetting the Shield that the Gizzard provides - as long as you haven't taken damage for 4 seconds, you gain a shield equal to 200% of your total Life per Second. You can still "take damage" while the shield is active - as long as the total damage taken within those 4 seconds doesn't exceed the total shielding you're gaining within those 4 seconds - if that makes any sense. Thing is, the 4 second timer does keep updating itself, meaning you can take a lot of small hits or damage from the Moratorium ticks - you can basically take this damage forever and still have the shield from Gizzard active.

Of course, there'll be several hard hits that will cause your shield to drop though, but it's a great tool nevertheless. A great thing about it is that you've got a solid indicator by looking at the bubble around your character - if it drops, it means you may want to throttle back a bit. So that's another thing that speaks in favor of using the Gizzard.

Now, another important thing to keep in mind is that in most cases you're not only going to get the Life per Second from the Gizzard - you're also getting some from Paragon points and possibly gear, if you're so inclined. In my case I had 79,590 LPS in the video, but you can of course take this to extremes if you'd like to experiment with that. Remember that the Templar also gives you a little LPS via the Loyalty skill.

I should mention that shielding mechanics will sustain eachother - and this is a little bit off topic - but say you have the Dominance passive in addition to the Gizzard - the Dominance shielding will help sustain the Gizzard and the Gizzard will help sustain the Dominance shielding. It's just great. Now think Krelm's belt which provides +25% Run Speed or the Pride's Fall helm which provides +30% Resource Cost Reduction - both of these items require you to not "take damage" for 5 seconds for the buffs to remain active. Sounds good, right? - It actually works too if you know what you're doing!

You can keep these buffs active basically indefinitely with solid shielding. Of course, the Wizard has more shielding skills to choose from as well, including Galvanizing Ward, Magic Weapon/Deflection and Spectral Blades/Barrier Blades. Again, this is a little off topic, but do experiment with this when you feel like it. It's pretty cool.

- /// /// /// /// /// - Ancient Parthan Defenders, Gems & stuns - /// /// /// /// /// -
Now let's talk about how the Ancient Parthan Defenders (APD) comes into play here. With the Gizzard/Moratorium combination as described above, stuns + APD become yet another layer of interaction that really takes things to another level.

APD gives you a +9-12% damage reduction for each stunned enemy within 25 yards. So, we're going to need some stuns! Slow Time/Point of No Return and Teleport/Calamity is going to do the trick for us. As you can see in the video, there are Slow Time bubbles all over the place, and with the Illusionist passive resetting 3 skills; Teleport, Slow Time and Mirror Images, you've got a lot of on demand tools.

Do keep in mind that the Mirror Images' version of Slow Time will inherit the rune you're currently using - their version of it will also be helping you out with stuns, and with all those Slow Time bubbles covering the playing field, overlapping each other, you've got a very powerful tool. If you look closely, you can see enemies entering or leaving a bubble, getting stunned, moving another couple of yards and then getting stunned again because of the Slow Time bubbles overlapping each other! It's just great - whenever Illusionist resets your skills and you TP in somewhere, pop Mirror Images right after - no need to save the cooldown.

We talked about Gizzard + Moratorium earlier and how they interact with each other. Here's another thing you might want to take into consideration; Illusionist will reset your Teleport, Slow Time and Mirror Images even while you have a shield active! So, as long as you're "taking damage", the shield will still hold (as described earlier) and Illusionist will do its job regardless.

What this means is that you actually do want to "take damage" - as long as you're not biting the dust! This also means that this whole combination of Gizzard, Moratorium, Slow Time/Point of No Return, Teleport/Calamity, Ancient Parthan Defenders and Mirror Images become more powerful the more challenging the difficulty! This build's effectiveness scales with difficulty in other words.

In the video you can often see me actually teleporting in right on top of a larger pack of enemies when I feel that I'm in trouble - this is a tactic used in order to take LESS damage (!). This works basically because of all the things described above. This also means though that the fewer enemies you're fighting, the more damage you're taking. So Hardcore players beware - the RG and lone elites/champions will often be much deadlier than you'd expect. There are two certainties in life; Death and Taxes. This is something that you'll just have to figure out how to best deal with based on personal experience.

Finally, I'd just like to stress that the Mirror Images do play a big role here, not only for the extra stun bubbles, but they also do taunt mobs off of you (for one second on use), they "soak" up enemy hits/missiles and I've seen them take Jailer and Vortex hits for the character as well. This all contributes in a big way to the shield from the Gizzard gem being active more often as well. Don't underestimate this!

- /// /// /// /// /// - Skills used (basic guide continued) - /// /// /// /// /// -
Please note that the Fire damage part is covered by having Fire as the highest +Elemental Damage (in my case on bracers). Delsere's 4pc bonus will cause Slow Time to deal damage based on your highest +Elemental Damage. A key part of the Del Rasha build is the fact that the 2000% Slow Time damage from the Delsere's set is increased by the Tal Rasha's set's damage stacks. The Slow Time damage is updated dynamically depending on your active buffs, including the periodic buffs from the Tal Rasha's 6pc set bonus and the Convention of Elements legendary ring.

The Slow Time damage will keep ticking for as long as the effect is active, no matter how far you are from the action in most cases. It should be noted that for this purpose, Zei's Stone of Vengeance is just great. You can often just drop a bubble and take a spin around the area, only to return to where you dropped the bubble, finding that the Slow Time DoT has been dealing damage all this time. One of the things that really bothers a lot of players about the Firebird's set is the fact that once you have the +3000% Firebird DoT ticking, you're basically locked within 1 to 1 1/2 screens of the mobs you're fighting.

You can of course experiment a little. I've tried a lot of combinations, but this is what I usually fall back to. If you'd like to swap Glacial Spike for a resource spender for example, you can do that, but you'd better be prepared to micro-manage resources a lot. Arcane Orb/Frozen Orb might be a good alternative for some. You could also try swapping Mirror Image for Mammoth Hydra for example, especially if you have a good Serpent's Sparker (SS). Dropping Mirror Image comes at a price though (!).

Naturally, there are many more possibilities - but I advice that if you do want to test things, don't spend your absolute highest keystones for that purpose - it's very easy to find yourself being locked with something that just doesn't work at all, meaning you'll have to abandon your rift. Grab some lower level keys and give it a go!

As for passives, Elemental Exposure is pretty much a given in any build that involves the 6pc Tal Rasha set. Evocation is highly recommended (see notes below), Unstable Anomaly .. well, you're probably going to need it at any challenging difficulty (alternatively, if you don't like UA's unreliability, try Blur).. Illusionist is also a must for this setup, being that we're actually using all 3 skills that it interacts with. Again, feel free to experiment of course.

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Primary Stat
Maximum Resource


Cooldown Reduction
Critical Hit Damage
Critical Hit Chance
Attack Speed


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Area Damage
Life on Hit
Resource Cost Reduction
Gold Find

- /// /// /// /// /// - Stat priorities - /// /// /// /// /// -
Paragon points and item stat bonuses for that matter are pretty straight forward. You'll want +25% Movement Speed as always of course, apart from that I'll just mention that no Resource Cost Reduction or extra points in Maximum Resource is needed, and you're going to want to have some Cooldown Reduction for the Del Rasha build.

Yes, Illusionist will reset your Teleport, Slow Time and Mirror Images, in addition to Glacial Spike further helping out with the Slow Time cooldown. But there'll often be times where you juust needed that extra +1 or +2 seconds to keep the Tal Rasha's stacks ticking. It's a matter of preference to some extent, but I'd advice you don't shy away from at least 20-30% CDR total. Black Hole certainly will benefit, if nothing else.

- /// /// /// /// /// - Regarding Weapon choice - /// /// /// /// /// -
I mentioned that you don't really need a specific ancient weapon for this, and this is true. I do however have to stress the fact that once you get into the really high levels (pushing personal records), you might find that time spent fighting the Elites/Champions and the Rift Guardians starts to become your next big hurdle. At this point you may want to go for items such as Sun Keeper, Devastator or Odyn Son - they all have a 1.20 weapon attack speed and this will have an impact on your raw damage dealt. Do focus on optimizing every other aspect of your gear first of all though.

A good Sun Keeper especially will help you a lot vs the Rift Guardian, but a good ancient one is a rare find.
You'll be quite OK with a variety of weapons - apart from the aforementioned ones, honorable mentions are:

Aether Walker - Definitely a great choice if you have an ancient version. I've seen some wizards doing really well with this. Unfortunately I haven't been able to pick up an ancient one yet, but I've cleared quite a few GR50-53 with a non ancient one. Lots of potential.

Thunderfury - The procc has no internal cooldown and the damage part of the procc is buffed by the Tal Rasha's set stacks - the reduced enemy attack speed and the slow from the procc helps a little bit as well.

Gesture of Orpheus - It's decent, but not as good as you might think at first glance - yes, you'll have bubbles all over the place, but keep in mind though that you don't really get much benefit from this in some scenarios, as you'll easily cover the battlefield with bubbles regardless via the 2pc Delsere's bonus and Illusionist. And most importantly, a GoO will in reality provide no benefit at all vs the Rift Guardian.

Serpent's Sparker - using this wand changes the playstyle a little, but those who have a good ancient version of it might find it worth using. Please scroll up to the beginning of the page to see more information about it.

I'll just mention a few more: Exarian, Nutcracker, Azurewrath, Burning Axe of Sankis - these all work just fine as long as you have a decent ancient version of any of them. In short: - Just go with what you got, but be aware that some weapons are better than others.

Build Guide

- /// /// /// /// /// - Basic Del Rasha Strategy - /// /// /// /// /// -
Basically, you'll be moving around a lot. Use your skills on cooldown, keep an eye out for your stacks and make sure you remember which of the Slow Time versions actually belong to you, as the Mirror Images will also cast it and their versions of it won't actually be dealing the +2000% damage provided by the Delsere's 4pc bonus. Make sure you pop a Slow Time on top of mobs in the vincinity just to keep the damage ticking.

Don't be afraid to tag an elite, pop Slow Time, spam some skills for a little bit, then jump a screen or so away to check if there's more mobs in the vincinity that you should bring to the fight. I'd advice you get used to doing this right away, because there's a lot to gain from it. Find your limit and watch those pesky monsters bite the dust. Oh, and beware of poison/melee/ranged attacks. That's where your sense of awareness will be tested.

- /// /// /// /// /// - Regarding Mirror Images - /// /// /// /// /// -
I tried several Del Rasha variations with and without Mirror Images, but I landed on using them over Magic Weapon. It just feels better. It's safer and I believe the damage loss from not using Magic Weapon is worth it. The Mirror Images will keep spamming all of your skills except for Calamity.

They cast Black Hole all over the place, keeping the mobs in check for better safety - and the fact that mobs constantly keep being gathered up like this also means it's easier to control your Meteors and hit more mobs with them. Also helps a little bit with your Slow Time placement. I really feel that all the benefits the Mirror Images bring to the table combined in a Del Rasha build makes up for the loss of Magic Weapon. Don't forget that when you've got so much CC, you're also more free to spend time focusing your DPS instead of avoiding things.

They blanket a large portion of the screen with Slow Time, which has its own benefits of course. The base effect from the skill is used by them, including the rune you're currently using, in this case Time Warp. Their version of it doesn't inherit your 4pc Delsere's bonus, so again, make sure you take notice of where your own version of it is at all times. Casting Slow Time in a triangle overlapping eachother slightly is a good way to go whenever possible. Also, you'll notice that Mirror Images' version of Slow Time last under half the time that yours does, which makes it a bit easier to keep track of which one belongs to you. And of course, you've got a third indicatior by looking at the DoT ticks.

I should also mention that the Mirror Images do procc two of your Tal's 2pc bonus meteors (Lightning and Cold) and these do full damage - but they don't help with the resistance part of the set and they don't add damage stacks. They won't procc the meteors from Slow Time as again, their version of it doesn't do any damage, and they're not casting Teleport/Calamity either for the Arcane meteors.

The Mirror Images' Black Hole, Glacial Spike and Meteor proccs do add to your Elemental Exposure stacks, so that's another thing to be said in the favor of using them. They're not just helping out with maximizing the usage of two of the Tal's 2pc bonus meteors (again, Lightning and Cold), they also contribute to the Elemental Exposure uptime for the same two elements. Every little bit helps.

- /// /// /// /// /// - Regarding Followers - /// /// /// /// /// -
I'd like to mention some things about the Templar in particular, but a lot of this applies to the Enchantress and the Scoundrel as well. Maximizing the follower's potential is important. Kormac is a brave soul, here are some observations.

- The Templar benefits from Cooldown Reduction (tested). If you can get 7-8% CDR on every slot for the Templar, you'll have up to a third more healz from him and being that the Templar is a utility machine, you are well served with him having up to a third lower CD on all the other skills as well.

- The Templar uses Area Damage. The numbers don't need to be high, but you'll now have a +20% chance on every hit that he does to do Area Damage, proccing Intimidate (the Slow skill). Having him do Area Damage might also be a good thing for "aggro purposes". Say a mob is targeting you, running straight past the Templar, now the Templar proccs an Area Damage attack, the mob turns to the Templar instead. That last part is a little bit speculative.

Yeah, Life Regen (The Alternative to the Slow skill) is nice and I use it sometimes, but with the BoTT gem it's great to basically have perma slows from the Templar. Equipping him with a Thunderfury adds to it in a big way regardless of course, but 100% slow uptime might just be better overall.

- The Templar's dmg doesn't matter at all compared to your own dmg output. You would definitely reroll +Crit Chance to +Attack Speed, CDR or Area dmg for example. Try to get CDR first in every slot, then Attack Speed, while at the same time making sure you have 1 slot with +Area dmg.

- Bul-Katho's Wedding Band:
You drain life from enemies around you.

- Constantly proccs the Intimidate Skill. Might also be useful for "Aggro purposes" as speculated. Unsure if the ticks from this ring can also contribute to proccing Thunderfury or any of the amulets, Overwhelming Desire/Ess of Johan.

- Wyrdward:

Lightning damage has a 25–35% chance to Stun for 1.5 seconds.

- Works via the Templar's melee hits - but the Thunderfury procc does NOT procc this ring (proccs can't procc proccs (always fun to say!)). However, if your Templar has +Lightning Damage as the Weapon's primary Elemental Type (which Thunderfury has by default) and some good +Attack Speed, you'll be seeing a lot of stuns from his melee swings.

- Overwhelming Desire:
Chance on hit to charm the enemy.
While charmed, the enemy takes 35% more damage.

- Has no internal CD and charmed enemies do take that extra damage for the duration of the effect. And having mobs or even champions/elites basically become your pet and aggro machine on a regular basis is fantastic.

- Ess of Johan:
Chance on hit to pull in enemies toward your target and Slow them by 60–80%.

- Pulls half the screen or more, basically. It's just great. Not sure about internal CD.

- Thunderfury:
Chance on hit to blast your enemy with Lightning, dealing 279–372% weapon damage as Lightning and then jumping to additional nearby enemies. Each enemy hit has their attack speed and movement speed reduced by 30% for 3 seconds. Jumps up to 5 targets.

- Has no internal CD. Best used with high +Attack Speed.

- Eun-Jang-Do:
Attacking enemies below 17–20% Life freezes them for 3 seconds.

- Great utility. Many Rift Guardians go into an enrage when they're low on HP, having this dagger equipped on your follower basically perma freezes them during that phase. Beware though that this may also have some unwanted results for builds that rely on Illusionist - if you're not taking much damage, you may find you're not resetting your Teleport enough. You'll just have to see what works best for you.

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Have fun!