[EL2] GR 50+ Unkillable Holy Sweeper Crusader

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  • Sweep Attack Gathering Sweep
  • Shield Glare Zealous Glare
  • Consecration Shattered Ground
  • Iron Skin Steel Skin
  • Laws of Valor Unstoppable Force
  • Akarat's Champion Prophet
  • Heavenly Strength
  • Finery
  • Indestructible
  • Holy Cause


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Bane of the Trapped
    • Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver
    • Taeguk

Update, I have recently acquired a brand new ancient Denial Shield, as well as Convention of Elements.

With these items you will be able to clear GR 50-55 with consistency (depending on the map, mob density and RG, as usual).


The build relies on 6-pc Roland's set bonus.



Sweep Attack is your puller and is a significant damage dealer.
Shield Glare is a must for total enemy crowd control.
Consecration is necessary for healing and additional damage.
Iron Skin is necessary for extra survivability in higher GRifts.
Laws of Valor is also a given for Wrath Regeneration.
Akarat's Champion is also a must for survivability, damage and wrath regen.



Denial boosts the damage of Sweep Attacks by up to X-percent, depending on the number of enemies hit.

This stacks up to 5 times. You will see damage up to the billions as long as you keep those stacks at max, and hitting as many enemies as possible, which makes Gathering rune a must.

Sweep Attack pulls a lot of enemies towards you, as long as you are facing them, so position yourself accordingly. It is considered a knockback, hence it will proc the effects of Strongarm Bracers.
Sweep Attack does Holy Damage, Consecration helps heal you and do Fire Damage as well - Convention of Elements will boost these spells considerably.

Iron Skin is your panic button. Use it when taking huge damage.

String of Ears is amazing for melee damage reduction.

Golden Flense, Laws of Valor, Shield Glare and Akarat's Champ all help with your Wrath Regen.
Akarat's Champion is also a massive source of damage, toughness and an extra life.

Finery, Heavenly Strength and Indestructible are obvious choices for higher level GRifting.
Holy Cause is great since we are predominantly using Holy Damage, and it offsets half of your damage reduction from Heavenly Strength.

Finally, Unity, along with a "Follower Cannot Die" relic increases the odds of your survival since part of the damage you take is passed on to your follower (who can't die in the first place).


Item stats are as mentioned above:
Sweep Attack Damage on Helm and Boots (max 30%)
Holy Damage on Amulet and Bracers (max 40%)

Denial shields can roll with up to 40% increased Sweep Attack damage (per enemy hit), which stacks. Try to get 38-40% for best results.

Golden Flenses can roll with up to 6 Wrath gained per enemy hit by Sweep Attack. Try to get as much for best results.

Vitality coupled with Life% are great stats to have on your gear, considering that Holy Cause's heals will be based off your maximum life.

Resource Cost Reduction on gear, while not too important, would be helpful if in case that is the only option you have for your current gear.

For Secondary Stats, try to have "Stun on Hit" and "Increases Maximum Wrath by X" whenever possible, but not at the expense of rerolling primary stats.



Diamond on helmet
Diamond on Chest/Legs (until >700 resistance including paragon and gear)

Rubies afterwards.

Bane of the Trapped is a mandatory gear. Since we're a melee class, its effects are constantly active on enemies that surround us.

Mirinae is great for wrecking mobs since the Smite comes off as Holy damage.

Taeguk is also amazing for additional damage and toughness, since we'll be spamming Sweep Attacks all throughout, keeping those stacks up as much as possible.



Sweep Attack to gather. Drop Consecration.
Iron Skin whenever taking huge damage.
Keep up the Sweep stacks at 5 as often as you can.

Shield Glare whenever possible, hitting as many mobs as you could.

Laws of Valor whenever possible for more Wrath Regen.
Akarat's Champ whenever facing elites or once you've gathered huge packs.



If NOT having problems with Wrath Regen, consider switching Laws of Valor's rune to Critical (damage); or switching to Laws of Justice - Immovable Object (toughness).

If having problems with Survivability, consider switching out the Strongarm Bracers for Ancient Parthan Defenders.

To proc the effect, you'll need an ability which can stun enemies.

Either use Laws of Valor - Frozen in Terror; or Iron Skin - Charged Up.

You'll also want as much "Chance to Stun on Hit" as a secondary stat on applicable gear slots, but not at the expense of rerolling primary stats.

Using Skeleton King's Pauldrons, or Illusory Boots, are an option - but you'll have to replace your Convention of Elements with a Ring of Royal Grandeur. I would advise against that as the Convention of Elements has two cycles that greatly boost your damage output (Holy for the most part, and Fire).

Any immunity amulet is fine, hopefully you can roll the requisite stats therein.
If using Hellfire Amulet, choose one with any of the four passive stats above; the fifth can be another passive of your choosing such as Wrathful or Vigilant.

If you wish to swap a gem for more Survivability, you may change Taeguk in favor of Molten WIldebeest's Gizzard. Its massive healing will complement your constant sweeping pulls (generally preventing enemies from hitting you). You will, often, gain a shield unless you're taking too much elemental or ranged damage.


Can I use this build for a zDPS/tanking role?

The build also shines in group play. If tanking, switch out majority of the offensive stats to defensive ones and you're almost set.
Consider replacing one of the skills with Provoke - Hit Me; although in most cases, your Sweeps should be enough to contain enemies as long as you have them bunched up.


Anything else I need to know about this build?

Honestly, you will have a hard time doing Trials once you get above 10 waves (solo), even with great gear.
Your best bet is to join a clearing group to get the keystone rank you'd like, then just level it up once you clear the GRift.
I'm still disappointed that the best keystone I can get from trials is usually 45++ (those GRifts aren't a problem).
I have to rely on keystone leveling to get to the 50s which is a huge waste of time.

Without Denial shield, I was generally clearing 48-51. Slight challenges but often manageable.
With Denial shield and Convention of Elements, I am now able to clear up to GRift 54 with several minutes to spare.
55+ should be manageable depending on the map, the mob density, and the Rift Guardian you end up facing.

But, like I said, Trials will be the major problem.


Which enemies do I need to watch out for?

Ranged enemies of course - skeleton bowmen, goatmen spearthrowers, explosive lobbers, and the like.

Of particular note are shock and siphon spirits (as I like to call those Reaper mobs), as they fly around far too quickly. You'll want to rush up to them and make sure they're "swept up" to prevent any casts.

Another problem are mobs with explosion effects. Bunching up a dozen Grotesques (or Chubb-ominations as I call them) can be frustrating if you have nowhere else to move and they all explode on you at the same time.

You will find almost every Rift guardian very easy - especially if they like to stay in one place, move slowly, or summon mobs (more mobs hit by Sweep Attack means more Wrath Regen).

You will find some of the teleporting/jumping RGs a bit harder - because you could end up losing all your Sweep/Taeguk stacks.

Example: I can go toe-to-toe with Bloodmaw on a GR50, but I may not be able to kill him in time because he tends to jump all over the place, resetting my Sweep stacks.


Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Primary Stat
Maximum Resource


Cooldown Reduction
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage
Attack Speed


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Resource Cost Reduction
Area Damage
Life on Hit
Gold Find


Movement speed to cap, rest on STR.


Cooldown Reduction > Crit Chance = Crit Dmg (1:10) > Attack Speed

= cooldown reduction from paragon, shoulders and helmet are fine


Resist All > Life% > Armor > Life Regen

= you'll want at least 700 resistance to elements from paragon, item stats and gems

= you'll get a lot of Armor from STR anyway, try to level up Life% as your healing from Holy Cause depends on your maximum life


Resource Cost Reduction > Area Damage > Life on Hit > Gold Find

Build Guide

Updated the video with a GR54 clear from a couple of days ago.

So as you can see, you would rarely have a problem with Wrath Regeneration as long as you can time your Shield Glare > Laws of Valor (one after the other). In many cases, even forgetting to activate them won't be a problem due to mob density.

The higher the "Wrath Restore per Sweep Attack" stat you have, the better.

You can stand toe-to-toe with multiple elite packs. Always make use of Consecration for healing (and a bit of damage).

Use Iron Skin to anticipate big hits (such as thunderstorm strikes, abomination explosions, etc.)

Make sure to "spin as you sweep" - in order to pull mobs behind you towards the front. This will ensure you're hitting as many of them as possible without being hit from behind either.

As usual your biggest problem will be the Rift Guardian you face.

Multi-target/mob-summoning Rift Guardians will pose little challenge - your Sweep Attack damage stacks increase per number of enemies hit (due to Denial).

Although take note, my Follower is using a Eun-Jang-Do, freezing the Rift Guardian (Bone Warlock) at 20%, and preventing him from summoning mobs, to the detriment of Wrath Regeneration. So of course, make sure to time those Glares, Laws and Akarat's correctly so you'll never run out of Wrath.

Teleporters/Jumpers - whether Rift Guardians or elite packs - will be annoying due to losing stacks of Sweep Attack whenever you are running to them or unable to hit them in time.