2.2 zDPS Lockdown SMK Version (Grift 70 tested,PTR)

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  • Piranhas Piranhado
  • Spirit Walk Jaunt
  • Haunt Poisoned Spirit
  • Fetish Army Legion of Daggers
  • Big Bad Voodoo Slam Dance
  • Horrify Face of Death
  • Jungle Fortitude
  • Grave Injustice
  • Rush of Essence
  • Spirit Vessel


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Bane of the Trapped
    • Gem of Efficacious Toxin
    • Esoteric Alteration


Cooldown Reduction: 40%+

Vitality on almost every Item (Occulus ring impossible, Royal ring also since we need a socket and CDR)

Physical Resistance on the secondary rolls, or Allresistance on the main rolls.

Reduces damage from ranged attacks on Chest, Shield, Bracers, Necklace (perfect case)

Reduces damage from elites on Shield, Chest (Occulus Ring, fixed roll, BT setbonus)

Allresist gems in Chest and Pants, Cooldown Reduction gem in the Headpiece

Stun on Hit on Gloves, Freeze on hit on Belt, Immobilize on Hit on Boots (additional crowd controll, we could roll Chill on Hit(Shoulders) or Slow on Hit(Pants) but they are both pretty useless since it doesn't lock down the boss)

Reduces the duration of control impairing effects 40%+, below it might get troublesome on Electrified/Nightmarish Elitepack affix combos (Possible slots: Rings, Headpiece)

Str/Dex instead of Int as Mainstat: I would recommend rolling some of your Gear on a Dex/Str based class. This two mainstats will provide Armor and increasing your thoughness. (I only had Str on my Shield, that's because I ran out of Crafting Materials, and allready had nice rolls on the gear)

Potions: Armor or Kulle-Aid (I used Armor-Potion on the 70 clear)

I described the perfect rolls here, just try to get as close as possible to it.

Please take a look at the pictures I posted below, they might answer some question that you have.

My gear used on the 70 clear PTR:PTRgear

Follower Gear used on the 70 clear:


(Thanks @ HaKache for pointing out a mistake I made earlier, it's not corrected.)

Stats & Details (with/without active gem and followers):







Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Primary Stat
Maximum Resource


Cooldown Reduction
Attack Speed
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Life on Hit
Resource Cost Reduction
Area Damage
Gold Find


Core: Max out Movement Speed, everything else goes into Vitality

Offense: Cooldown Reduction, Attack Speed, the other stats don't really matter

Defense: Life, Armor, Resist All, Life Regen

Utilty: Life on Hit, Resource Cost Reduction, the other stats don't really matter once again

Build Guide


Basically not much has changed considering the gameplay of this build. We are still able to lock down every mob with the Tiklandian Visage and Horrify, expect the Boss of course, for that we got Rush of Essence as a Passive Skill so we can spam Haunt and hopefully procc the secondary stats on our Gloves, Belt and Boots. It doesnt lock the Boss down guarantueed, but it provides a chance for some additional crowd control.

Reduces the duration of control impairing effects is a stat we going to need to be at around 40% or higher, below it might get troublesome on Electrified/Nightmarish Elitepack affix combos (Possible slots: Rings, Headpiece), since you cant interupt the Electrified casting (this cast also proccs Nightmarish on you) and that's the reason why we run the Xephirian Necklace as a mandatory item.

This is a SMK version of the build. Depending on how much the DPS needs Health Globes we can switch back to the 2.1.2 Solanium setup. That would mean we would have to switch to gear that gives us 50+ Critical Hit Chance in the best case, that means that we are going to lose thoughness though.. Everything else will stay gearwise.

Skillchanges would be -> removing "Fetish Army" and picking "Plague of Toads", with the "Rain of Toads" rune on the active Skills, and -> remove "Jungle Fortitude" and pick "Tribal Rites" instead

But let's get back to the actual changes.

One of the new Items coming in Season 3, the Occulus ring, is an amazing Supporter Item.

On top of the Reduces damage taken from Elites (12-16%), it has a new secondary skill, which provides a damage buff (35-40% increased damage).(please see Item section for tooltip, screenshot there)

That effect occurs not only on kill, but also on assist. Thats the reason why it is so good for a Support Char, and why Asheara's set is a viable option once again. I equipped all 3 Followers with the Occulus Ring, Testresult below.

Occulus Ring Effect (Followers up, 3 buffed areas/circles):


So the Followers now also provide a damage buff and not only some additional crowd control, which helps out a lot, especially on Bosses.

Good luck on the high Tiers, may RNGesus be with you.


Ace aka BadBeatGaming