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Types: Physical, Cooldown Reduction (CDR), Critical Hit Chance (CHC)


  • Phalanx Stampede
  • Judgment Resolved
  • Steed Charge Endurance
  • Provoke Charged Up
  • Laws of Valor Unstoppable Force
  • Akarat's Champion Prophet
  • Heavenly Strength
  • Finery
  • Long Arm of the Law
  • Lord Commander


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Build Guide




Introduction and Playstyle:

Hello guys, my name is Ganon and i'm playing my Crusader since the start of Season 1. I tried all kinds of builds, including the popular "Condemn-Crusader". Eventually I tried the new Stampede build using the new Crusader Shield, and I instantly fell in love with it. This compressed guide shall help all you fellow Crusaders to have a quick insight into this kind of build, including how to gear and wich stats to take. The playstyle is pretty simple, you spam your Stampede as only damage skill and keep Akarat's Champion active (tip: try to use your Akarat's when at 15 Gogok of Swiftness stacks, by doing so you won't need 55% CDR on gear to keep it active), while using Provoke on cooldown to generate Wrath. Also use Judgment and Laws of Valor on cooldown to maximize DPS and Wrath management.


Bane of the Trapped - Nobrainer, definatly a must-pick since we're either knockbacking or stunning all the time
Pain Enhancer - Since this build wants +Physical % damage, this gem hits really hard. The Attack Speed is nice too
Gogok of Swiftness - Mainly because of the CDR, so make sure that it is level 25+, doesn't really have to be leveled further
Usual Gems - Head: Diamond, Weapon: Emerald, Armor: Diamonds until 850~ All-res then use Rubys

Paragon Points:

Core - 25% Movementspeed > Strength = Vitality
Offense - CDR > ChC = ChD > Attack Speed
Defense - All-Res > Life = Armor > HP-Regen
Utility - Area Damage > Resource Cost Reduction > Life on Hit > Goldfind

Stat Priority:

Helmet - Socket > Strength > Crit Chance > Phalanx % Damage > Vitality
Shoulders - Strength > CDR > Vitality > All-Res = Life %
Chest - Strength > 3x Socket > Vitality > Reduced Damage from Elites % = Life %
Pants - Strength > 2x Socket > Vitality > All-Res
Gloves - Strength > ChD = CDR = ChC > Vitality > Attack Speed
Rings - Socket > ChD = Strength = ChC > CDR
Amulet - Socket > 90%+ ChD > Strength = ChC = Physical Damage %
Waist - Strength > ChD = CDR > Vitality > All-Res = Life % > Attack Speed
Wrist - Physical Damage % > Strength > ChC > Vitality > All-Res
Boots - Strength > Phalanx % Damage > Vitality > All-Res
Weapon - Socket > Strength > High Damage roll > Damage % = CDR > Attack Speed > Vitality
Shield - Strength > CDR = ChC = Phalanx % Damage > Vitality

Skill Options:

Iron Skin (Steel Skin) - Good Defensive subtitute for Judgement, use it in really high GRifts
Provoke (Too Scared to Run) - Also usable in very high Grifts, the Attack Speed reduction is quite significant + a powerful slow for kiting
Laws of Valor (Critical) - When your CDR is high enough to generate enough Wrath with Provoke

Passive Options:

Indestructible - For Hardcore Players
Wrathful - Offers a great ammount of healing when needed
Holy Cause - For higher Damage

Item Priorities for fresh Crusaders:

First of all, you want to farm and gamble for the Shield (stats don't matter on it for now, ofc it's nice to have 10% Crit on it but take whatever rolled Unrelenting Phalanx you can get for now), I recommend running a different Specc till you optain the Shield, for example Shotgun or just a simple Hammer build. Use a Fury Generator instead of Judgment till you finish your Akkhan Set wich is the next checkpoint to get, don't forget to farm a Ring of Royal Grandeur too. After that, focus on Wrists till you get Strongarm Bracers, these are definatly essential in this build. While farming these items, you should have been able to equip yourself with full Legendaries in the other slots wich you found while farming. Next up, you want a Leoric's Crown, wich obviously is a huge upgrade too. Now at the latest you should also make sure that all your gear has propper stats, especially Physical Damage on your Bracers, Sockets in your Rings/Amulet, 90+% Crit Damage on your Amulet and get a Unrelenting Phalanx with "acceptable" stats (meaning at least having the Crit on it) wich all are the most important Damage Boosters stat wise. Now you can start to gamble on your Weapon and try to get a Hearth Slaughter wich is pretty common, don't aim for Furnace since it's just too rare to gamble for it at this stage, be happy with your Heart Slaughter and big congrats if "accidently" a good Furnace pops up ;) Now you want a good belt, wich you probably already got, especially Vigilante Belt drops a lot. Last but not least, you want to have 2 Unitys when going Solo for you and your follower, when going in a Party, skip Gambling rings for now since SoJ is just too rare. More importantly, you now want to min/max your gear a bit, at least to an acceptable degree, meaning you have the highest priority stats on all your pieces, they don't have to be max rolled yet. Now you can gamble for all the fancy stuff like Furnace, SoJ, Witching hour, a really well rolled Amulet and so on. After that, you simply try to max out the stats on your gear till your Crusader reaches perfection! :)

Summary: Unrelenting Phalanx > Akkhan Set + Ring of Royal Grandeur > Strongarm Bracers > Leorics Crown > "ok" Stats on your gear overall > Strong Weapon (Idealy Heart Slaughter for now) > Vigilante Belt > 2x Unity (when Solo, otherwise skip this step) > Min/Max a bit to get Stat priorities correctly > Super good rolled Amulet > Furnace / SoJ / Witching hour and other rare stuff > Min/Max your rolls to reach perfection


09/19/2014 - Creation
09/30/2014 - Item Priority Added