Cold Cold Heart

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Types: Cold, Cooldown Reduction (CDR), Attack Speed


  • Magic Missile Glacial Spike
  • Blizzard Frozen Solid
  • Energy Armor Pinpoint Barrier
  • Teleport Wormhole
  • Black Hole Absolute Zero
  • Archon Slow Time
  • Blur
  • Evocation
  • Cold Blooded
  • Unwavering Will


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Build Guide

Description to be updated with more details,

This build focuses heavy on crowd control and procs from Rimeheart with high attack speed. Also smashing with Archon :)
It's a great (if not the best) support build to fill the high dps party that provides survivability for your party since enemies are are most of the time frozen, sucked to black hole, or at least chilled. DPS of the build isn't usually very high UNLESS:
you cast black hole + blizzard on an elite pack (or 2 even 3 packs at once) go immediately to archon form and spam LMB (left mouse button) on the group. With your high attack speed and rimeheart proc IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE!!!! They literally all shatter in front of you in a matter of second.

Recommended gems are:
Gogok of Swiftness (attack speed and CDR)
Bane of the Trapped (dmg increase and slow aura)
Pain Enhancer (extra attack speed and some extra dmg)

And stop calling me Elsa!