True Pyromancer

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        only fire skills. Pryomancy F2W


        • Strength: 0
        • Intelligence: 0
        • Willpower: 0
        • Dexterity: 0

        Honestly not sure how to properly set up paragons. I obviously chose all fire boards, but as for specifically choosing each node, that's on you. i just did the shortest path and once i got the last board i filled in the rare magic nodes inside the glyph radiuses and then hit some rare nodes that happened to be only a couple to a few nodes off.

        Build Guide

        You can use this build solo or in a group. Works best with a Necromancer or Druid. It's all Pyromancy skills. I got tired of looking for pyromancy builds only to find a mix between ice/fire, storm/fire, or fire/storm/ice. Here is probably the first ever true Pyromancer build that you can look up. I hope people look at my build and can make it better because I'm still learning. Oh, and this site won't let me choose both the Fireball and the Meteor for the Enchantment, but just know, it's both lol.