AOE / Wave of light farm build

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  • Fists of Thunder
  • Cyclone Strike
  • Exploding Palm
  • Shield of Zen
  • Wave Of Light

Twitching Palm for Offhand

Build Guide

Use twitching palm for off hand(not available in this tool). Build with 2 piece grace 4 piece Shal’bas. Or mix it with Issatar or Windloft for speed buff. Rotation is charge groups, hit with exploding palm, tap with fists a few times, usually gets them to all explode if they are weaker mobs. If the group has stronger mobs, hit with palm, tap fists a couple times, move a head of the group and drop cyclone or seven side, this will kite the group through the aoe as the exploding palm is doing DOT. Then when your cool downs are gone for these skills, hit the other groups with wave of light (helps to have high crit damage for this). If all your cool downs are burned it helps to have the 4 piece Shal’baas for the attack speed. I prefer it to the Issatar or Windloft. You get speed bump by using the charge off of Fists of Thunder.