The chonky, fast, arsonist, poisoning farming Barb

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  • Lacerate
  • Sprint
  • Cleave
  • Undying Rage
  • Whirlwind


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Blood-Soaked Jade
    • Blessing of the Worthy
    • Bottled Hope
    • Bottled Hope
    • Echoing Shade
    • Phoenix Ashes
    • Seeping Bile

Gear/Skills - Simply put the gear is designed for mobility, utility, and damage. In rifts, it's the combined use of Sprint with the fire trail, Seeping Bile, Gathering Whirlwind, and Cleave with Svots Reach, that makes clearing large mobs fairly effective. Currently at a little over 3200CR, and pushing for Challenge Rift 100 with this set up (currently at 96 at 7:06). While it took some time, with this build I was able to stay alive, and constantly on the move with Sprint, while applying fire and toxic damage thanks to Hell's Legacy and Seeping Bile. I am currently missing the set pieces for Windloft and Grace of the Flagellant, but those will both help with mobility and damage for mobs, which will also help a little in PvP.

Gems - Not much to say. BH is used with sprint to increase speed and damage. BSJ For damage, movement speed and some survivability with damage reduction at lower health. Phoenix: Self explainatory; helps you not die. Blessing helps wiuth mob damage but also works surprising well in PvP when diving. Echoing just adds to extra targets for mobs to focus on instead of me. Might replace in the future, but it works. Seeping is a key part here. I hated it at first because it felt like it never proc'd, but after using what I deem "fire runner", it procs and spreads like wild fire in rifts and open world.

Points Used 0 / 150

Active Tree

For the trees, I will keep it simple. When doing PvP or Dungeons, I use Gladiator. When open world farming, I use Treasure Hunter for the extra gold. All trees used I went almost specifically for damage.

Build Guide

Simply put, I run this built for everything. Only thing I ever change is the Paragon tree, and it just works. Will be trying to run some variant of war cry for damage boost or what not, I just have not got there yet.