Aura Crusader (PvPvE)

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  • Punish
  • Falling Sword
  • Consecration
  • Condemn
  • Holy Banner


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Berserker's Eye
    • Everlasting Torment
    • Chained Death
    • Power & Command
    • Seeping Bile
    • Phoenix Ashes

Main Idea:

This is sort of a PvPvE build, since I got tired of switching back and forth and just made a build that would work with both. It focuses on ground damage and DoTs, buffing those and uses the inspirational banner to get big crits.

Basically, this will be a 4 Mount / 2 Grace when full set is done. Before H4, I recommend going 2 Mount and 2 Grace. There's no point in going past 2 Grace in my opinion, and that extra 15% from most of your attacks is nice. You can do the 4 Mount 0 Grace for more survivability, particularly for a "Pure PVP" version of this build.

Also, Grimcrack (shield) may be a better option for damage, I just like the slow for grouping enemies and PVP.


I am not a theory crafter. I put this together to showcase the build I came up with and share with guildies.

I do not have Sleeping Bile and Phoenix Ashes. I'm F2P so i dont see myself ever getting those lol. They just seem like they'd work well here for the PVP and PVE aspect of this build. I'm using Saleeds Awakening and Bezerker's Eye instead. Prob could use better ones, feel free to suggest.

Points Used 0 / 150

Active Tree

I actually wanted to show the Treasure Hunter to explain that. I basically use this to level up, but I only dump 37 Points there. The rest will go into Vanquisher, prioritizing Damage and Armor Penetration before Life (Since we lose damage activating Treasure Hunter). On a week I want power, I'll take out those 37 and dump them into Vanquisher, activating that.

You can also simply "activate" vanquisher within week for a bit more power, but it's slightly under full vanq.

Build Guide

Aura Crusader

Hey friends. Wanted to throw this together to add some builds for my clannies. Hopefully this helps some people out. I'm not a theory crafter, so apologies if it sucks. Hopefully you get some inspiration from this outside of the "Recommended Builds". I hated those so much so I just sat down and built this one.

This build can work for both PVP and PVE. You can make small tweaks to get it to a 'top-tier' pvp mode, but it will work great in BGs.


This build focuses on ground damage, auras, etc with the Holy Banner buff. I use the Leg that makes Holy Banner move with you, since I noticed planting it can have it get killed by enemies early. The idea is to have your full Cooldowns, pop your Holy Banner, then drop consecration, condemn, falling sword. After falling sword, attack a bit. Just before the timer on Falling Sword ends, activate it again. Start attacking again, then hit the last Falling Sword. This will spread out and extend your Damage increase. Falling sword can also help escape damage, such as teleporting to the back of t he boss right before a telgraph hits you.

BG Playstyle

You're the backline brawler. When you have your team with you, you can use Falling Sword to jump over any CC pools into the enemy backline. Use Condemn to continuously Pull enemies towards you, disrupting their channels and casts. Keep applying pressure and pulling them together. Hopefully, this disrupts the AOE pool enough for your backline to move in and drop them. You may die in the process, but your team will win (just dont Rambo in solo, wait for your team).


Feel free to comment and suggest. Hope it helps!