PvP Build - Stun Stampede

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  • Punish
  • Shield Charge
  • Draw and Quarter
  • Falling Sword
  • Spinning Shield


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Everlasting Torment
    • Berserker's Eye
    • Lightning Core
    • Cutthroat's Grin
    • Chip of Stoned Flesh
    • Blessing of the Worthy

Stater Legendary Gems

  1. Everlasting Torment deals incredible damage over time after a Critical Hit. For a simple 1 star Legendary Gem, this packs a punch.
  2. Fervant Fang does fantastic single target damage. It can easily be acquired from the Battle Pass, without relying on luck from crests.
  3. Berserker's Eye provides increased damage in all cases, if you're willing to take more damage. This tradeoff works well for this build.
  4. Lightning Core does direct damage to an enemy group, often wiping them out in the process. While the damage is infrequent, it's useful for taking down larger targets.
  5. Seled's Weakening gives a frequent damage boost anytime you kill elites, making it have natural synergy with this build.
  6. Chained Death gives a solid damage boost, especially in AoE situations.

Best in Slot Legendary Gems

  1. Blood-Soaked Jade is the best Legendary Gem in the game. It provides massive damage and movement speed in a single package.
  2. Seeping Bile has poison that is devastating in large densities. It also slows enemies affected at higher ranks.
  3. Blessing of the Worthy is an incredible choice for any melee class. Any damage taken activates devastating damage every 15 seconds, obliterating anything nearby.
  4. Howler's Call blasts your enemies from incredible range and is triggered by any Primary, including Draw and Quarter. This adds an important ranged attack to your arsenal that triggers off your already stacked rotation.
  5. Bottled Hope is one of the best legendary gems for Crusader because of the class's focus on buff and support roles. It even works when casting
  6. Draw and Quarter! You'll want to pick this one up.
  7. Chip of Stone Flesh does a massive amount of damage when you stun, freeze, or chill enemies. This is incredibly powerful in PvP!

Points Used 0 / 150

Active Tree

For Paragon Points, always prioritize Damage and Life. Remember to activate the Paragon Tree that you want to use. Use Survivor as your active tree while leveling up your Paragon from 1-99. Its active nodes work in PvP unlike Vanquisher, making it a stronger option for players wanting to focus on PvP. At Paragon 100 you can respec and follow the example below to get a great boost to your PvP bonuses.

Once you hit Paragon 100 respec your Paragon Points so you can utilize the more powerful Gladiator tree. Start picking up some of the the Vanquisher tree as well so you can use it during PvE activities. Even the most PvP focused player needs to do PvE content to stay powerful, so this is worth the investment. For Paragon 100-199 keep filling in Life and Damage nodes across the board and grab some active nodes in the Soldier Tree towards the end.

Build Guide


Stun Stampede is our Draw and Quarter based PvP build that focuses on the Crusader's highly mobile playstyle while maximizing stuns. Save Draw and Quarter until you can use its full duration on top of an enemy for maximum damage. Travel to objectives with Falling Sword to begin engagements. Use Spinning Shield to create space and soften enemies at range, and chase with Falling Sword to finish off your foes.


  1. Save Draw and Quarter. It might be tempting to use it as a gap closer, but this is your primary damage skill. Wait until you are staring into your opponents eyes before summoning your steed!
  2. Gap close with Falling Sword, and get behind your foe if you can. Use Spinning Shield to keep chasing foes at a distance.
  3. Mix in Punish when you can for the extra block chance.
  4. Chase and finish low health enemies with Falling Sword.

[header=3]Bonus Attributes, Family Bonus, and Reforging[/header]
  1. Tremor Stone provides additional stuns and damage in a melee radius, giving incredible utility in PvE or PvP.
  2. Vengeance Stone is an alternative option for those more concerned with raw PvE damage or with Primary Attack focused builds.