The ROFL GIGACHAD - Crusader

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  • Sacred Fire
  • Conjuration of Light
  • Holy Banner
  • Falling Sword
  • Consecration


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Berserker's Eye
    • Unity Crystal
    • Bottled Hope
    • Bottled Hope
    • Power & Command
    • Seled's Weakening
    • Ca'arsen's Invigoration

Just do as i say ! :)

Feel free to exchange the chest with Inhumed Plate. For extra protection instead of damage.

Build Guide

Just run in circles and laugh while everyone else is still stuck in the challengeportals below yourself and your mates.

Optimized for 4 players.

Good for 3 players

Good for 2 players

Awesome in solo.


Buff everyone in your vercinity with Conjuration of Light. Run circles outside of meele-range with your mates. Pop the Banner - Get a boner because of all the crits. See literaly every boss, elite or trashmob melting.

Pop conceration to slow down the enemies so they can not catch up with you and your mates. Pop Falling sword for extra damage.

You can either use sacred fire or punish. It does not realy matter tbf. Single Target -> Punish : Groupdamage (not that you haven't got enough of it) -> Sacred Fire.

Have Fun - Flexing on the Poor

Continue laughing.