Personal Monk

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  • Fists of Thunder
  • Mystic Allies
  • Cyclone Strike
  • Exploding Palm
  • Seven-Sided Strike


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Berserker's Eye
    • Blessing of the Worthy
    • Fervent Fang
    • Chained Death
    • Seeping Bile
    • The Hunger

Simple WoL / SSS build. Cyclone > Exploding > SSS > Use Mystic Allies on CD This build is also easily interchangeable with WoL (just change out Mystic Allies with Wave of Light and use Wave of Light Legendaries)

Build Guide

As the title says, this is my personal build, I'm just some nobody who's yet to reach top 10 on the monk LB, but, feel free to try it out if you wish. THIS IS NOT A PAY TO WIN BUILD. IT WILL NEVER BE ONE. IT CAN BE, BUT IT'S NOT DIRECTED TOWARDS IT.