Cap'n Jesseth Rathma

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  • Grim Scythe Cursed Scythe
  • Blood Rush Hemostasis
  • Revive Personal Army
  • Bone Armor Dislocation
  • Command Skeletons Frenzy
  • Army of the Dead Death Valley
  • Swift Harvesting
  • Commander of the Risen Dead
  • Grisly Tribute
  • Final Service


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Bane of the Powerful
    • Bane of the Stricken
    • Gogok of Swiftness

Kanai's Cube

  • In-geom
  • Fate's Vow
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur

This build uses 3 sets: Bones Of Rathma, Captain Crimson's Trimmings, and Jesseth Arms with a Ring of Royal Grandeur in the cube. You will get all of the set bonuses this way, which will increases your damage, increase your survivability, and augment your skills.

  • Bones Of Rathma: Reduces cooldown, makes minions immortal, and increases damage. When using with 10 risen also increases damage reduction.
  • Captain Crimson's Trimmings: Reduces cooldown, reduces resource costs, regenerates life, increases damage, increases damage reduction.
  • Jesseth Arms: Increases damage against target of Command Skeletons, and skeletons will auto attack close enemies which will reduce cooldown. Use a Ramaladni's Gift to put a socket into your weapon.

  • Bonds of C'lena: Increases the damage of Army of the Dead.
  • Wisdom Of Kalan: This is going to allow you to have 15 bone armor stacks instead of just 10. This helps with damage reduction, and increases survivability tremendously in my opinion. If you are on lower difficulties and want to squeeze out more damage Squirts Necklace is an alternative. However, on higher difficulties and higher GR Squirts Necklace will get you killed fast.
  • Krysbin's Sentence: When used correctly will increase the damage of Army of the Dead.
  • Obsidian Ring Of The Zodiac: Reduces cooldown while using Command Skeletons.


  • Bane of the Powerful: Level 25 Required / 70+ Recommended: Increase damage against elites, increase damage overall after killing elites for a short time, and increases damage reduction against elites.
  • Bane of the Stricken: Level 25 Required / 70+ Recommended: Increases damage overall the longer you attack an enemy, increases damage against bosses and rift guardians.
  • Gogok of Swiftness: Level 25+ Required: Increases your attack speed which will in turn increase cooldown, and then increases cooldown on top of that. This is

You could use Bane of the Trapped instead of Bane of the Stricken if you wanted to play around with it and test it out.

On higher GR Bane of the Trapped may be better than Gogok of Swiftness, but you lost a ton of cooldown reduction. You are essentially trading cooldown to reduce enemy speed. The extra damage against slowed enemies isn't as good as the cooldown in my opinion,

  • Helm: Diamond for cooldown
  • Weapon: Emerald for crit damage
  • Chest: 3 Sockets with Topaz for intelligence
  • Legs: 2 Sockes with Topaz for intelligence
  • Shield: Topaz for intelligence


  • Weapon: In-Geom: Once you kill an elite pack you will gain the ability to teleport endlessly for 15 seconds, and your cooldown is super fast.
  • Weapon Alt: If you don't have In-Geom then use Trag'Oul's Corroded Fang, as it will apply curses. This will actually help your cooldown a lot.
  • Armor: Fate's Vow: Massively increases the damage of Army of the Dead.
  • Jewelry: Ring Of Royal Grandeur: This allows you to use the Captain Crimson's and Rathma sets with full bonuses. This greatly increases your effectiveness of this build.

You want to get as much intelligence, vitality, cooldown reduction, and attack speed as possible. Crit chance and damage doesn't really matter as you are really only going to be doing damage with Army of the Dead on higher difficulties and GR. All skill damage states are useless IMO.


To successfully play this build solo you need to gear up and spec your follower correctly as well. You will want to use the Enchantress, and she absolutely needs a Dovu Energy Trap and Nemesis Bracers. All of her gear needs to have intelligence. All armor should have vitality if possible as well if you are using an all skills build.

There are multiple ways to gear up the follower, and multiple ways to set her up based on the gear and GR you are on. I will try to cover as many as I can here.

First you want to decide if you want her to have all skills or be immortal. If you are just running up to GR 80, and even a few above probably you can use all skills with no issues. I'm not sure how high she can really go before she starts dying, but from what I do around 80 to 90ish she's had absolutely no dips in health.

All Skills Requires:

  1. Legendary Enchantress Focus: Hand Of The Prophet: This gives access to all skills
  2. Legendary Gem: Esoteric Alteration @ Rank 25 Minimum / Recommended Rank 70+: Non physical damage reduction, and below half life most resistances increased by 75%
  3. Legendary Gem: Mutilation Guard @ Rank 24 Minimum / Recommended Rank 70+: Melee damage reduction, and below half life you can move unhindered through enemies. This is the same effect as the Illusory Boots.
  4. Make sure your armor has Vitality

Immortality Requires:

  1. Legendary Enchantress Focus: Smoking Thurible: Follower cannot die

You should gear up your follower based on situations.

    1. All Situations
      1. Amulet: Dovu Energy Trap: this will increase the stun duration by up to 25%, and works amazing for this build since we use Bone Armor: Dislocation. Either use one of the legendary gems talked about above or a Topaz if it has a slot.
      2. Wrists: Nemesis Bracers: These will pop up elite enemies anytime you use a shrine or pylon, and greatly help you with speed in rifts.
      3. Shoulders: Spaulders Of Zakara: These will simply keep your gear from taking damage most of the time, and will save you tons of money in repairs. The only other option really is the Homing Pads which will let you teleport back to town uninterrupted.
      4. Weapon: The Sultan of the Blinding Sand for it's chance to blind, and extra damage. Try to get one with Intelligence, but no slot. Add a slot with a Ramaladni's Gift, and put an Emerald in it.

    1. Greater Rifts
      • Head: Andariel's Visage, or the one with the best stats you can find.
      • Torso: Whatever has the best stats as there's nothing really that will help here.
      • Hands: All Skills? St. Archew's Gage or Immortal? whatever has the best stats as there's nothing really that will help here.
      • Waist: Cord of the Sherma, or the one with the best stats you can find.
      • Legs: Immortal? Death's Bargain, otherwise Pox Faulds for extra damage, or Depth Diggers for extra protection.
      • Feet: Illusory Boots to move unhindered through groups of enemies, or Ice Climbers to gain immunity to immobilize effects.
      • Ring 1: Oculus Ring: All skills? Legendary Gem talked about above. Immortality? Topaz
      • Ring 2: Krede's Flame: All skills? Legendary Gem talked about above. Immortality? Topaz

    1. Everything Else
      • Head: Broken Crown: Diamond for cooldown.
      • Torso: Goldskin: 3 Sockets with Topaz
      • Hands: All Skills? St. Archew's Gage or Immortal? Gladiators Gauntlets
      • Waist: Cord of the Sherma
      • Legs: Immortal? Death's Bargain, otherwise Pox Faulds for extra damage, or Depth Diggers for extra protection.
      • Feet: Illusory Boots to move unhindered through groups of enemies, or Ice Climbers to gain immunity to immobilize effects.
      • Ring 1: Oculus Ring: All skills? Legendary Gem talked about above. Immortality? Topaz
      • Ring 2: Krede's Flame: All skills? Legendary Gem talked about above. Immortality? Topaz

    1. Everything Else + Gold (Changes)
      • Head: Broken Crown: Emerald for +Gold
      • Hands: Gladiator Gauntlets
      • Ring 2: Avarice Band

    1. Everything Else + Deaths Breath (Changes)
      • Hands: Sage's Purchase
      • Waist: Sages Ribbon
      • Feet: Sage's Passage

    1. Nehalem Rifts + Deaths Breath & Greater Rift Keys (Changes)
      • Ring 1 or 2: Ring Of Royal Grandeur
      • Hands: Sage's Purchase
      • Waist: Sage's Ribbon
      • Legs: Cain's Habit
      • Feet: Cain's Travelers


While playing with a group the main thing you want to do is stick with other people. Don't venture off by yourself or you will die. Note that you probably cannot even kill Malthael on T16 if there is not someone else in there with you. It's that without your follower you become super squishy.

If you do want to play with a group You may want to switch out Gogok for Esoteric Alteration, and Bane of the Trapped for Mutilation Guard or Bane of the Trapped. You can also switch out some or all of your Topaz for Amethyst if you need to. This build would make an awesome trash killer while someone else focuses on the elites, bosses, and rift guardians.

Paragon Priorities


Primary Stat
Movement Speed
Maximum Resource


Cooldown Reduction
Attack Speed
Critical Hit Damage
Critical Hit Chance


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Area Damage
Resource Cost Reduction
Life on Hit
Gold Find

I go in 10 point increments most of the time when adding points.


Int 10, Speed 10, Resource 10, Vit 10,

Int 20, Speed 20, Int 30, Speed 30,

Resource 20, Vit 20, Speed 40, Resource 30,

Speed 50, Resource 50, Int, 50, Vit 50,

Int +++++, Vit +


Cooldown 10, Speed 10, Damage, 10, Cooldown 30,

Speed 20, Cooldown 40, Speed 30, Cooldown 50,

Speed 50, Damage 50, Chance 50


Armor 10, Resist 10 Armor 20, Resist 20,

Life 10, Armor 40, Resist 30, Armor 50,

Resist 50, Life 50, Regen 50


Damage 20, Cost 10, Damage 50, Cost 50,

Life 50, Gold 50

Build Guide

First let me say that I realize this build is a lot like other builds out there, and some may even be about exactly the same. However, I did put this together and test everything myself. This is what I came up with that worked best for me. I'll try to update this if I do find better options for the build.


I have opted for this skillset after many tests.

  • Grim Scythe is more dangerous and gives you less essence back than Siphon Blood, but it curses enemies which helps more overall.
  • Blood Rush allows you to escape danger, and traverse congested areas much easier. Also once In-Geom procs it allows you to jump through area at a much faster pace.
  • Revive is used to boost damage reduction and give a massive damage boost to Army of the Dead. You need to raise 10 minions as fast as possible. If you lose them going into a GR or dying then you need to make raising 10 new ones your priority. Once you have 10 you can forget them. With the Rathma set these become immortal and count as permanent.
  • Bone Armor is to give you damage reduction and stun enemies.
  • Command Skeletons gives you 7 permanent minions. These will be your only resource spender, and needs to be used constantly on enemies. You need to direct your skeletons to the main enemy you wish to attack such as a boss or elite enemy With the Jesseth set this will give you 400% damage against that enemy, and also proc more damage from Army of the Dead. Win Win Win situation. The Frenzy Rune makes them tack much faster, and every single attack reduces the cooldown of Army of the Dead. Overall, you can get Army of the Dead cooled down within 1 to 5 seconds sometimes.
  • Army of the Dead is your big nuke attack. I use the Death Valley rune because it hits more enemies, brings them to the center of an area, and then Fate's Vow in the cube is going to massively boost the damage and give you the Unconventional Warfare rune which will allow you massive damage with Command Skeletons for around 4 seconds after Army of the Dead is popped. the UW rune also will grab other enemies close by after the main center nuke, and this really helps a lot.
How To Use

Fresh Start: When you don't have minions, bone armor, or anything going for you at the moment, you want to first pop bone armor, run away while commanding skeletons, and then immediately pop army of the dead. Immediately use corpses to raise up to 10 minions and forget about them.

At this point you want get close enough to a group to pop bone armor any time it's not in cooldown, and keep those stacks up to 15.

Even if army of the dead is ready use command skeletons before you pop it. The more you attack with your Grim Scythe and Command Skeletons the more cooldown you will get. If you come up on a group of elites it's imperative to use command skeletons on them first before popping army of the dead as it will make it a one hit kill usually. On higher GR sometimes it will take 2 or 3 army of the dead attacks, but as long as command skeletons is going constantly you will do the most damage you can.

Once you kill an elite or elite group your cooldown can be almost instantaneous. At this point you can start zipping around the map like a madman looking for elites and pylons. If you don't see any try to group up as many enemies in an area as you can before popping army of the dead. For huge groups you will get about the same progress as an elite group. I've actually done almost entire rifts on just the trash enemies.

If you are going to fight a boss you need to first make sure that army of the dead is ready, you have 10 risen minions, and your bone army is as high as you can get it before you step into the boss arena. For bosses with multiple phases you need you need to cooldown as absolutely fast as possible. It may be a good idea to use command skeletons while you run and hide or dodge with blood rush.

If you opt to use Bane Of The Trapped instead of Gogok Of Swiftness on higher GR you will cooldown slower, but you will do more damage. I just like the cooldown


I think this is everything needed, but I may update this at any time.