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  • Frenzy
  • Cleave
  • Sprint
  • Demoralize
  • Whirlwind


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Seled's Weakening
    • Berserker's Eye
    • Ca'arsen's Invigoration
    • Fervent Fang
    • Battleguard
    • No Gem Selected

In order for this build to work properly you need high +%Damage to Enemies suffering Loss of Control, +%Attack Speed, +%Damage to Elites from Reforge Attributes. Example of this is shown below. Please note that Legendaries there are not the same as proposed in the build. This is just to visualize needed stats.

Another important remark is that you want to have Primary Attacks reduce enemy Attack and Movement Speed just so every Frenzy hit causes enemies to Suffer Loss of Control.

Points Used 0 / 150

Active Tree

Build Guide

Legendary BUTTERFLY Barbarian build!

Key points:

  • This build is focused on PvE play.
  • It requires perfect hand to eye coordination and making wise split second decisions mid-fight.
  • Being a butterfly guarantees you fast killing without stopping by.
  • You will zip through Open World content like a hornet with grace of a butterfly.
  • Completing higher than reccomended Challenge Rifts will be possible with some optimizations.