Firebird Twister + Mirror Images (Console only)

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  • Disintegrate Chaos Nexus
  • Energy Twister Gale Force
  • Spectral Blade Flame Blades
  • Mirror Image Duplicates
  • Explosive Blast Chain Reaction
  • Teleport Safe Passage
  • Audacity
  • Evocation
  • Elemental Exposure
  • Unwavering Will


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Bane of the Trapped
    • Taeguk
    • Zei's Stone of Vengeance

Kanai's Cube

  • Orb of Infinite Depth
  • Mantle of Channeling
  • Ring of Royal Grandeur

This is a hybrid console Firebird build that utilizes both Mirror Images and Energy Twister for maximum damage output.

This build will not work on the PC and it relies on the twister's functionality on the consoles.

The gearing, follower and gameplay are almost identical to the Diamond Skin version:


D3planner for all variants (solo, group, speed): https://maxroll.gg/d3planner/409333635

Changes from the Diamond Skin version:

* We replace Magic Weapon and Diamond Skin with Mirror Images and Spectral Blade.

* Since we no longer have a shield to protect our Squirts Necklace, we replace Squirts and Obsidian ring with Travelers Pledge and Compass Rose.

* Since we no longer use squirts:

1. we replace Galvanizing Ward passive with Unwavering Will.

2. we don't need to put that much into vitality and can use Rubies or Emeralds for more armor, or Topaz for more damage (make sure to still have about 850K total life, as you will be rather squishy otherwise).

* Since we no longer have Obsidian Ring, we need to have at least 56% cooldown to have 100% uptime on Mirror Images in order to be able to cast them twice in a CoE rotation (achievable with paragon, captain crimson, Evocation passive, shoulders, gloves and either diamond in the helm or 10% cooldown on Deathwish). See solo play section below for a note about the Enchantress.

Resource regeneration mechanics:

* The Mirror Images apply flame blades that generate resources for our twisters so this version struggles much less with resource regeneration vs lone elites (assuming that the mirror images are positioned correctly and are attacking).

* Note that it is still important to roll Arcane power on Critical Hit on your offhand and have a high critical hit chance (close to 60%); the mirror images alone are not going to generate enough resources.

Legendary Gems:

* Mirror Images do a lot of damage to elites so you may opt to take Bane of the Powerful instead of Zei. Note that you also need to kill the minions in a yellow pack to benefit from the Powerful buff, not just the yellow elite itself.

Solo Play:

* The lack of shields makes us a bit squishy in solo play, so we need to have extra Resource Cost Reduction rolls on our gear. Try to aim for at least 38% (achievable with paragon, captain crimson, shoulders and 1-2 extra RCR rolls -- ideally that would be on quadfecta gloves (CHC, CHD, CDR, RCR) and/or Compass Rose ring / Deathwish).

* The Templar can be a better choice than the Scoundrel for this version. Make sure to gear the templar properly (max strength, cooldown and attack speed) for him to heal you effectively. Take a look at this d3planner for the Templar's gearing and skills: https://maxroll.gg/d3planner/611051699 (based on Dinosaurd123's templar). It would also help to equip Bottomless Potion of Amplification to boost the Templar's healing even further. Make sure to have at least 850K total life for the healing to be effective.

* Note: due to the CDR requirement of this build and the squishiness, the Enchantress can also be an interesting choice: her 10% CDR skill will allow us to use both a Topaz in the helm and an extra RCR roll on Deathwish, boosting our toughness. Her Powered Shield skill will give us a much needed armor and we can choose between Focused Mind (useful IAS for the twisters) or the cheat death. D3planner suggestion: https://maxroll.gg/d3planner/439858870

Group Play:

* You don't need any extra RCR rolls (just on shoulders) and can go full offense: topaz gems in chest and pants, diamond in helm and Glass Canon passive instead of Unwavering Will.

Speed GR version:

* Replace Travelers Pledge and Compass Rose with Squirts Necklace and Obsidian Ring. Obsidian ring is very useful for re-summoning the Mirror Images as you move from pack to pack.

* In order to keep your Squirts buff, replace Unwavering will and Evocation/Audacity* passives for Galvanizing Ward and Dominance (*Audacity gives you more damage but you're not likely to stand close when speedfarming).

* You can use the Scoundrel for extra damage.

* Legendary gems: Trapped, Taeguk. Choices for the 3rd gem are either Powerful, Molten Gizzard or Invigorating Gemstone. All are solid choices.

* Use Wormhole rune on teleport for faster animation.

High paragon version:

* At high paragon (5K+) you can potentially play with Squirts Necklace and rely on Galvanizing Ward passive to keep the shield. It would allow you to pick a third ring, e.g. Obsidian (for more Explosive Blast procs and Mirror Images re-summoning) or Stone of Jordan (for more fire% and elite% damage).

Paragon Priorities


Primary Stat
Maximum Resource
Movement Speed


Critical Hit Chance
Cooldown Reduction
Critical Hit Damage
Attack Speed


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Resource Cost Reduction
Life on Hit
Gold Find
Area Damage

Same as https://www.diablofans.com/builds/109118-firebird-twister-console-only

Build Guide

This build utilizes the best of both worlds: single target damage of Mirror Images and the Twisters mechanics on consoles.

It allows us to deal massive damage to both trash packs and lone elites.

This build is much squishier than the regular diamond skin version so it will really shine in group play with a zbarb, and especially in higher paragon.

The biggest challenge will come from learning to position your mirror images correctly. Try to stand on top of the elites so they won't run away.

Button assignment:

* During a fight, you need to hold down Disintegrate + Explosive Blast + Twister and cast Mirror Images every 6 seconds.

* My mapping on the PS4 is R2 for Disintegrate, R1 for EB, X for Twister, Square for Mirror Images, Triangle for Spectral Blade and Circle for Teleport.


* The playstyle is very similar to the diamond skin version and all the general tips still apply (i.e. positioning, guardian corner fights, button assignment, nephalem glory stacks, etc): https://www.diablofans.com/builds/109118-firebird-twister-console-only

1. At the start of the rift / map, start channeling Disintegrate and get your stacks to 50.

2. Teleport around until you find an elite pack/large pack. When you arrive at a pack, proceed to:

3. Hold down Disintegrate + Twister + Explosive Blast, get 4 stacks of Explosive Blast.

4. Cast Mirror Images. Re-cast them whenever they're off-cooldown (see #6 for CoE timing and Notes about the channeling pylon).

5. Continue holding down Disintegrate + Explosive Blast + Twister, letting go only to teleport + re-cast mirror images.

6. About 1 second before the fire cycle of Convention of Elements, cast Mirror Images again and resume holding down Disintegrate + Explosive Blast + Twister. This will allow them to spawn right in time for the fire cycle and benefit from the Deathwish and Mantle of Channeling buffs. You should have enough cooldown to cast them again during the fire cycle.


* You can cast Flame Blades yourself before summoning the mirror images to benefit from the extra fire damage. However, I found that to be very clunky and overly complicated: it takes too long to get the fire stacks and it's not worth interrupting the channeling for this, but you're free to try it out and see what you think. Make sure to do it right before your fire CoE cycle to fully benefit from the additional damage.

* Beware not to spam Mirror Images when under the effects of the Channeling pylon: each time that you cast them you interrupt the channeling and thus lose the Deathwish and Mantle of Channeling buffs. So don't abuse the cooldown, cast them when needed.

Cheat death bug:

* There is a bug with the Follower cheat death / Firebird cheat death triggering randomly when your mirror images take damage, even when you're under the effects of a shield pylon. Beware of that if you're playing hardcore.