100-110 viable DH Speed Support (no bola)

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  • Entangling Shot Chain Gang
  • Strafe Drifting Shadow
  • Companion Wolf Companion
  • Multishot Wind Chill
  • Smoke Screen Displacement
  • Vengeance Dark Heart
  • Numbing Traps
  • Blood Vengeance
  • Tactical Advantage
  • Hot Pursuit


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Iceblink
    • Esoteric Alteration
    • Gem of Efficacious Toxin

Kanai's Cube

  • Odyssey's End
  • Aquila Cuirass
  • Elusive Ring

Two piece Marauder is for access to all companions.

Four piece GoD is for the momentum stacks, auto cast of your generator (entangling shot) and damage reduction from strafe.

Nemesis Bracers are to impress your friends with how much comes out of your pylon.

The Ess of Johan is to pull things on occasion since this build does not use Bola.


Gem in helm is Ruby for the 4% increase to exp. It's not much but it adds up over time while running 100-110 speeds.

Gems in chest and pants are diamonds for the all resistance.

Gem in weapon SHOULD be Gem of Ease but you can slap an amethyst in that bad boy for some LPH.

Other Legendary gems are your basic support gems. Take Esoteric up as high as you can level it while leaving Toxin and Ice at 25. You only need the level 25 buff from those last two gems.

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Primary Stat
Maximum Resource


Attack Speed
Cooldown Reduction
Critical Hit Chance
Critical Hit Damage


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Resource Cost Reduction
Life on Hit
Gold Find
Area Damage

Build is presented under the assumption that you are paragon 800 minimum.

CORE - Dump points into Movement speed and Vitality. Leave other two blank.

OFFENSE - Everything maxed out.

DEFENSE - Everything maxed out.

UTILITY - Everything BUT Area Damage is maxed out. Area damage is bad for supports as it makes kittens cry and servers die.

Build Guide

The idea for this build is that it zips around the map quick and plays well with other supports. Barb supports should still be able to rage flip and Necromancers should be able to freeze mobs.

The variant that I am using does away with the bola and picks up Multishot to increase a mobs chance to be hit with a crit by 8% on a 3 second window. The basics on attack are to use 2-3 entangling shots and follow up with a single Multishot. You can toss out Multishots from time to time as you create density or encounter an elite.

When you enter a GR.

Step 1. Build up momentum stacks to 20.

Step 2. Activate Smoke Screen and Vengeance.

Step 3. Strafe and take off. Make sure you don't let momentum stacks fall lower than 18 so you can keep your speed up and zip around the map.

When you encounter a blue or yellow pack.

Step 1. Multishot into the pack.

Step 2. Activate Companion.

Step 3. Strafe around the pack and Multishot after each 2-3 casts of Entangling Shot.

Step 4. Laugh as they die.


I hope you enjoyed this build and the basic approach to game play. There are other variations of the build that are around, so please don't think this is the best on one the market. It's just been a wonderful one to use.

If you have any questions at all, check me out over at https://twitter.com/KensGamingSpot

You can also catch me live (or is it live?) between 6:30am EST and 2pm EST on https://www.twitch.tv/kensgamingspot (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm EST we do a Bonus Stream, but I can still field questions about the build. Those run until 10pm EST)