Ultimate Synergetic Non Gear Dependant Holy Cause Build

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Types: Holy


  • Punish Retaliate
  • Blessed Shield Shattering Throw
  • Shield Glare Zealous Glare
  • Condemn Eternal Retaliation
  • Heaven's Fury Split Fury
  • Akarat's Champion Hasteful
  • Holy Cause
  • Heavenly Strength
  • Towering Shield
  • Insurmountable


  • Head

    • Stat Priority: None
  • Shoulders

    • Stat Priority: None
  • Amulet

    • Stat Priority: None
  • Torso

    • Stat Priority: None
  • Wrists

    • Stat Priority: None
  • Hands

    • Stat Priority: None
  • Waist

    • Stat Priority: None
  • Legs

    • Stat Priority: None
  • Feet

    • Stat Priority: None
  • Rings

    • Stat Priority: None
  • Weapon

    • Stat Priority: None
  • Offhand

    • Stat Priority: None

Build Guide

This build is pretty much what the title says for players with Crusaders that haven't gotten build changing Legendaries yet, or are trying to push the Torment levels to maximize there Legendary Drop chances with the best chance of survival while doing it.

Of course, the Skills alone wont save you, you still need to build your base Damage, and Defenses to be on par with the Torment you are trying to roflstomp.

We are building around Holy Cross - 10% Damage, and Healing when you deal holy damage, so lets make sure all of our damage output is holy to maximize this, with this goal, if you are still dying to a certain difficulty, either you need to try and stop tanking mobs in moltens, or u just don't have the survivability and need to try a lesser difficulty.

Also to have as much Wrath as Possible for Spamming our Holy Skills (Blessed Shield), have the following:

Punish - yes you get 5 Wrath per hit, but its main purpose is Keeping up it's increased block Chance, never let it drop, which works in synergy with -

Passive - Insurmountable, the more you block the more Wrath you get, the more you can spam Blesses Shield inbetween Punish Refreshes.

Also make sure to get a shield that has the additional 10% Block affix to help make keep the incoming Wrath Fluid.

Towering Shield passive is a base damage boost to your main abilities, if you are having survival issues, you might want to go with Renewal for synergetic reasons, or even Hold your Ground for another 15% Block.

Hold your ground is a super close 2nd in this slot

  • Rare Shield with minimum base block at 15%
  • 10% Affix on top of that shield comes up to 25%
  • 15% block from your Punish ability
  • 15% from Hold your ground.
from just that alone you'd will be at 55% chance to block, now just imagine with multiple mobs hitting you, Wrath will fill like crazy, and for the times that you don't have an abundance of mobs on you, your Glare ability on its shorted CD from Towering Shield Passive, makes it so you are never starved of Wrath.

Condemned is that mass dps ability that gives a large return of healing from its Holy output, and if you have enough mobs around you, it'll completely erase the CD

If you are here, Heavenly strength goes w/o saying.

As you can see this build is Fail Proof, to get the maximum out of your toon as far as surviving and still getting great damage output.