AnotherMonk's LoD WoL Guide GR130 Season 19

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  • Wave of Light Explosive Light
  • Dashing Strike Blinding Speed
  • Cyclone Strike Implosion
  • Mystic Ally Air Ally
  • Epiphany Desert Shroud
  • Mantra of Salvation Agility
  • Harmony
  • Beacon of Ytar
  • Seize the Initiative
  • Near Death Experience


More Details
  • Legendary Gems

    • Legacy of Dreams
    • Bane of the Stricken
    • Bane of the Trapped

Kanai's Cube

  • Incense Torch of the Grand Temple
  • Pinto's Pride
  • Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac


This build can go up to GR130+ in non-season and in season. In season 19, the pandemonium effect will actually aid us in clearing higher GRs, and faster GRs since we are strong at clearing waves of mobs.

Stats Priority (in no particular order, all equally important for higher GRs)

  1. 56-59% Cooldown Reduction
  2. 50%+ Critical Hit Chance
  3. 500%+ Critical Hit Damage
  4. 1.9-1.97 Attacks Per Second (before Seize the Initiative)
  5. 40%+ Fire Damage Increase (from Magefist, Cindercoat, Swamp Land Waders, any of the two Bracers, and Necklace)
  6. 150%+ Wave of Light Damage (from Tzo Krin's Gaze and The Crudest Boots)
  7. 80-100%+ Area Damage (from Weapons, Gloves, Shoulders, Necklace, and Rings)
  8. 400k+ Health Points
  9. If playing with Harmony and Mantra of Salvation, 2k+ All Resistances
  10. Augments/Caldessan's Despair on all equipment (Dexterity/Emeralds)

Swamp Land Waders

These pants can only be obtained from a Witch Doctor. The best way to do it is to craft a level 70 Yellow Pants or gamble from Kadala. Send those pants to a Level 1 WD, and upgrade the item in the Kanai's Cube (Upgrade Rare Item to a Legendary).

Cost/Cooldown Heavy Build

This build will require anywhere from 56% to 59% CDR. In order to have the maximum damage output, it is important to never run out of Spirit, so having Mystic Ally up as fast as possible is important. Moreover, having Epiphany up all the time will increase your damage too because your Allies/Mimics deal damage as well (with Rabid Strike, The Crudest Boots, and Bindings of the Lesser Gods).

You can find RCR and CDR in these equipments:

  • Necklace
  • Ring (2x)
  • Weapon (2x)
  • Shield (not used in this build)
  • Gloves
  • Shoulders


  • Weapon: Emeralds (Extra CHD is huge)
  • Helm, Chest and Legs: Diamonds (Diamond is an easy choice, more CDR for Epiphany and Mystic Ally, better survivability/resistances)

Legendary Gems

We'll be using these three gems for GR 100 and under, or whenever you feel like the Rift Guardian is too easy to kill:

  • Legacy of Dreams (Max - mandatory)
  • Bane of the Powerful or Enforcer (your Mystic Allies/mimics count as a pet)
  • Bane of the Trapped (Works well with Pinto's Pride)

We'll be using these three gems for GR 100 and over, or whenever you feel like the Rift Guardian is too hard to kill:

  • Legacy of Dreams (Max - mandatory)
  • Bane of the Stricken (Better damage output on the RG)
  • Bane of the Trapped (Works well with Pinto's Pride)

Augments (Caldessan's Despair)

For augments, we are only going to use Dexterity augments. It will boost our damage, and our Armor (Damage Reduction).

Attack Speed

It is important to try to reach around 2.3 to 2.4 AS with Seize the Initiative on (that means somewhere between 1.9 to 1.97 before STI). Davlok, a well respected Monk player and theorycrafter in the Monk community, has concluded that over 2.4 AS may hinder your damage, since the cast animation bugs out and your Allies are sometimes not damaging the enemies.

You can find APS on these equipments:

  • Necklace
  • Ring (2x)
  • Weapon
  • Gloves


Ideally, you want to have at least a secondary resistance on almost all the gear that you can get it from (except for Weapons) to synergize with Harmony passive, and Mantra of Salvation.

Interchangeable items

For the bracers, feel free to cube the lesser of the two (Pinto's Pride vs Bindings of the Lesser Gods).

For the rings, feel free to cube the lesser of the three (Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac vs Unity vs Convention of Elements). However, the higher GRs you go, you would want to cube ORotZ and keep CoE and Unity on you. CoE has the ability to roll exceptionally well (CHD, CHC, CDR, and Damage range) and Unity can also roll nicely (CHC, CHD, Damage range and Damage % to Elites). You can only choose three primary stats, but ORotZ will always roll with the following 4 stats no matter if it is Primal or not (CHC, AS, CDR, RCR).

Interchangeable Abilities and Passives

Some high-end monks sometimes swap out Mantra of Salvation for Serenity. If you do this, you will also need to swap out Harmony for Guardian's Path.

For other passives, you can interchange Guardian's Path and Near Death Experience depending on your preference, but the higher you go, the less you die, the better it is. NDE is better than GP in higher GRs, especially in pushes.


Since you are playing with Bindings of the Lesser Gods, you'd want to always keep a Cyclone Strike debuff on the enemies for them to take up to 200% increase damage from your abilities. Your Rabid Strike goes hand-in-hand with Epiphany, and it will make your Mystic Allies (2 thanks to The Crudest Boots) mimic your attack thanks to Rabid Strike.

In a general fight, Dashing Strike into a pack of monsters, cast Cyclone Strike, make sure that Epiphany is active, and start casting Wave of Light on the monsters.

Ending Notes

Thanks to everyone that took the time to read my guide. Have fun in Season 19.

Paragon Priorities


Movement Speed
Maximum Resource
Primary Stat


Cooldown Reduction
Critical Hit Chance
Attack Speed
Critical Hit Damage


Resist All
Life Regeneration


Resource Cost Reduction
Area Damage
Life on Hit
Gold Find

Build Guide

The YouTube video linked above says 2.6.6, but there is practically zero changes from 2.6.6 to 2.6.7a in terms of items.

With the right stats and paragons, this build is more than capable of doing GR130 in Season 19 with the Pandemonium buff.

Here's a d3planner page of my Monk back in Season 18 at 2k Paragons with a GR120 Clear: https://www.d3planner.com/731284761