Server + Language

  • Hi, I tried to find the information but I've been unsuccessfull.
    I would like to know if there will be continental restriction to play the game like in sc2 and WoW. If no, will I be able to swap the language of the game freely?
    The reason is that I'll play with friends in canada that are all english / fluent english speakers and some of my friends or familiy in France that speak as much english as most people here speak french.
    I just want to know if I ahve to pre order a second game (yes 2 d3... way to waste money) so I can install my stuff before the release !

  • Cmagik ,

    It should work much the same as Diablo II does now. One copy can connect anywhere but you'll need to use characters created on the other regions. You won't be able to move anything between them and you'll be locked to the RMAH for the region your account is created in. You can still use all the gold AHs though.

    If you want to be able to swap languages, I believe you'd just download the language version you want from your Account Management page. I haven't seen any internal documentation yet as to if we'll be supporting multiple clients installs on a single pc. We don't for any other games though a lot of people are successfully managing it on their own.

    Support Information Administrator