Does D3 Not Work With Windows 8?

  • I just got a new computer for Xmas and it's a windows 8 OS. I'm having trouble installing Diablo 3 on it. Has anyone else had this problem or did Blizzard say anything about this?
  • All of our modern titles are fully compatible with Windows 8. Technically you can get most of our legacy titles to play on Win 8 too, although sometimes it's a little rough. The menus for SC1 are a bit wonky.

    Most of the players I've seen with game problems after upgrading to Win 8 just need to reinstall their video drivers. Occasionally they need to uninstall/reinstall the game. Usually nothing more extreme than that though.

    As a personal anecdote, I only had one game (not a Blizzard title) that didn't work after upgrading. For that one I had to copy a fix file into its main directory. That's as wacky as it's been for me, thankfully. ^_^