DIABLO 3 & 7300 GT

  • Good day, not long ago I won a beta of Diablo 3 and did not know that my video card does not support. After installation, I met an error "Diablo 3 cannot run because this graphics card is missing required features". I decided to upgrade the video driver, but after the update, this error did not want to leave. After reading the information on the Internet, I still found a solution to the problem. It said that the need to change the file D3Prefs.txt the following:
    <code>DisableTrilinearFiltering "1"
    HardwareClass "1"</code>

    The problem is that the file D3Prefs I have not found, perhaps it is due to updates in Diablo 3.
    When you create a file and enter these commands there, everything remains as before.
    Video card drivers all updated, but my problem is not solved.

    Tell me, how do I solve my problem?

    PS: This video card in the future will be supported in Diablo 3, or need to replace the video on the more powerful?

    PSS: The same theme on Russian forum: http://eu.battle.net/d3/ru/forum/topic/3483869734
  • iVladimir,

    The GeForce 7300GT isn't supported for use in the game, now or in retail.


    Editing the D3Prefs file in order to bypass the warning message is not recommended as we would still be unable to assist with any problems you have with the game.

    FYI. The D3Prefs.txt file will be located in your My Documents\Diablo III folder. Again, you really shouldn't be editing anything in there or creating the file in another location.

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    Please feel free to contact a Support Representative directly if needed for further assistance. Contact information can be found at: http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/about/contact.html