"Search for similar items" not working.

  • First off, the technical support ticket setup on battle.net is garbage. The options are very limited. My issue is below.

    When I right click and "search for similar items" on a legendary, the stats for the item I did it on are not being propagated into the search. This works just fine on yellows, but not on legendaries. A friend said it worked for him which is why I'm making this post. How do I fix this?
  • Danju,

    It may change in the future but currently it's working as intended. Legendaries can have different stats/affixes/properties than their normal counterparts and aren't going to be able to use the Search for Similar function right now. I agree with Sinobu, your friend is mistaken.
  • Rena,

    If you'd like to ask for new game features or offer suggestions, they need to be posted in our General Discussion forum. please.