Error 315300 Invalid User name/password

  • So I've seen this posted numerous times on the technical support as well as the Bug discussion forum but I've yet to see a clear answer to how this problem of "Invalid user name/password" has been solved. So far, the few people who have been able to log into the game have either
    A) Logging into a world of warcraft account and then logged into D3
    B) Disabled User Account Settings on their account profile/Run the game as an administrator
    and finally
    C) Entered previous passwords associated with their account

    I have tried the second and third suggestion and unfortunately I no longer have WoW installed on this pc so the first option is nill. I've had a ticket open for over 24 hours now with no response. I've done everything the e-mail sent with my beta invite requested, I already had a battle tag. I have tried every password that has ever been linked to this account. Nothing is working. I would really just like some sort of feedback from any sort of representative or game designer who frequents these forums to key us in on why this bug continues to appear without any sort of definitive fix for it.

    I do have a Blizzard Authenticator linked to my account and it does not ask me for the password when I try to log in the game. I will post the relevant log below. Anyone have any answers or suggestions? Every thread I've seen seems to just pitter out without any further breakthrough as to the root of this issue.
  • Paragate,

    Unfortunately, our hands are pretty much tied when it comes to looking up any account info right now as the internal tools aren't yet available. You may need to wait until the next server reset.

    If you have any friends playing the Beta you trust, and that trust you, you could maybe see if your account works on their computer and vice versa.

    As for the authenticator, it's not linked to the D3 Beta so it's not going to ever ask for it there.

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