Alienware M17x performance issue (1-4 FPS)

  • Just got invited to beta a couple days ago, but I am currently out of town. I managed to finally get the client downloaded and patched, along with upgrading ALL of my drivers to the current build.

    When I booted the game up, I am getting roughly 1-4 fps at the login page. I have tried every fix I can see here in the forums (including turning down all settings to low, eliminating V-sync, and muting master volume, etc...) but am having no success.

    This computer currently is built with a i7 CPU, 16 GB of RAM, and a 460M notebook edition video card. This is more than enough to power the game. Has anyone else had a similar issue with this model of Alienware? Or does anyone have any possible insight for me for how to rectify this situation?

    Just to reiterate, I am getting these FPS issues on the login screen, character creation screen, and most importantly, in game as well.
  • Kilobite,

    Alienware's often come with a Stealth Mode feature for power saving. Make sure you haven't accidentally enabled it. There's usually a button or key on the keyboard for it.

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