"Unexpected Error" causes crash on startup.

  • It happens every time I attempt to launch, just after hitting "Play" on the launcher. It gave me a little window to tell me what I was doing, and the following Report ID that I'm supposed to give you:


    The Report ID changes every time I try to launch.
  • Mand,

    Your crash info indicates a patch was applied incorrectly or one or more game files are corrupted. The easiest way to resolve it is probably to reinstall after first deleting the folders described in these two articles.


  • MightyBeast,

    This is due to an issue with your AMD video drivers. Are you using the latest Crimson Edition they have on their support site?

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  • 07/12/2016 06:39 PMPosted by eRanikxxxoNe

    I got this error code after i walked out of the portal in DESOLATE SAND on ACT II
    i was only playing in hard mode

    Like Omrakos mentioned, make sure that you're using the latest AMD crimson drivers as there was an issue with the older AMD drivers.

    07/13/2016 06:14 AMPosted by Hadoken
    Same here. Freezes on authentication screen of Diablo.
    Windows updates went last night. But nothing else.

    Need a crash assistant!
    Other games run fine.\

    Moved from ATI to Nvidia card recently but had a full weekend of troublefree gaming after that change.

    "ltc_game32-114279.dll" is where the crash is happening which is part of Raptr and/or Plays.tv. Please uninstall both of those and try again. =)