Installing from backup

  • I had to reformat my main drive last night and I didn't want to download the files again so I backed up the main install folder (Program Files(x86)\Diablo III Beta) and when I launch the installer or the laucher it won't recognise the data and insists on downloading it all again.

    I really don't want to have to download it all again, any help?
  • reLapse,

    While transferring the game folder between computers works well enough, it's still not a guaranteed or supported method for installing the game. Prior installations with their registry entries could be pointing to another location. Game data stored in other folders could also cause issues. (ProgramData\ for instance. If your transfer isn't working, delete the game folder and the folder I mentioned and reinstall. The process for backing it up or moving it will be refined as we get closer to release.

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