"Failed to escrow funds.The Player is locked"

  • Purchased an item on the gold AH through buyout, but there was some kind of server error and the purchase was not completed. Logged on the next day and my gold was gone but I never received the item. Completed list is showing the message " Failed to escrow funds. The Player is locked (317402)"

    It's been 3 days and my gold has not been returned yet. Please look in to transaction Order ID #1050107916.
  • Icarus,

    You'll need to submit a support ticket as we can't assist with Auction House transactions here in the forum.

    This article will lead you through the process.

  • Icarus,

    As posted on the Breaking News, they're doing maintenance tonight at 3 am PDT on the Auction House for a couple of hours. Most likely it will be addressing the issue then. If not, you must continue with the support ticket system. We can not help with Auction House issues in this forum.

    This isn't the Bug Report forum by the way, it's Technical Support.