"Updating Setup Files...."

  • I have been stuck on this message for about an hour.
    I was having this exact same problem on release day.
    I was having this exact same problem during the beta, and is the reason I was unable to play the beta.

    Now is the largest gaming company in the world refusing to put resources into fixing this bug?
    Give me a break here.
    I've already given Agent.exe permissions and priority and nothing happens.
    I've tried running the game in different ways.. including trying to simply start the launcher, then -launching in the game with a shortcut where it then closes and tells me it needs to update.. but the same thing happens.

    Also Blue.. if you're just going to ask me for my DxDiag then just go away.
    I've been making these threads since Beta and after I give you a DxDiag you simply ignore the thread.
    No longer care.
    Fix the damn problem.
  • Rispetto,

    Could you try what's described in the following article please?