Asus Board W/Vista 32b randomly freezes

  • i'm thinking it overheated and now is damaged ? i have to do a hard shutdown and it starts up fine but may do it after but it seems that it does it more so when i really want to play something. could i need a new cpu? or is it just getting hot and needs a better cpu fan& heatsync?
  • Grumpyballs ,

    Run a couple of stress tests on your computer and see how it does.

    Furmark is very good for checking the video card. If it has any problems when it gets warm, this test will usually show it. Make sure you run the Burn-in test, not just the benchmark. It lets you monitor the temperature while it's running too so if you see it get too hot, you can shut it down.

    For the cpu, I'd use Prime95. You can just use the defaults and let it go. Run it at least an hour, but it's better to run it overnight. It shouldn't have any errors if the cpu is ok and stable.

    I wouldn't spend money just yet by taking it into a shop. Chances are, they'll just run these or similar programs in their back room anyway to check it out.

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