"Failed to download a required update..."

  • So for the last several days I've been trying to Install Diablo 3 onto my desktop so i can play on it instead of my laptop. However each time i try shortly after initializing the actual install process it comes up with "Failed to download a required update. Please check your internet connection and try again."

    There is nothing wrong with my internet connection, it's working perfectly fine. I can't seem to find any "fixes" for this problem anywhere and the fixes i have found seem to only apply to people who already have it installed so it's becoming increasingly frustrating. Please help.
  • Lafaera,

    The game doesn't really need to be installed. Copying it over from one machine to another is acceptable. Something on your desktop was preventing (and will probably prevent again) the patching process to complete. It's usually an internet security app like an antivirus program or firewall, or a Windows permissions issue causing it. I wouldn't be surprised if the game runs fine but the next time it needs to patch, it may be back with the same issue.