computer locks up / screen goes black

  • This isn't something I've been able to confirm is Diablo III, but it does seem to be unique to the application.

    Computer bascially freezes up completely (no alt/ctrl/del; keyboard stops responding to caps lock key) after 4-5 mins of running the beta. Can't diagnose it since yet, but I've tried to run the desktop for about 30-45mins before launching D3. Still getting the same result. Tried other games which has been OK so far.

    Will start diagnosing hardware soon.
  • foojoo,

    I'd start by seeing how hot the cpu and gpu are getting while playing.

    Download and run HWMonitor from

    Now start the game and let it run several minutes. Then exit or alt-tab out and look at the monitor program. See what the highest temperature is that the cpu and gpu reached.

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