"This item is no longer available"

  • Some people have posted about this but seems like my case is slightly different. I have been watching a wand since yesterday, I marked it and there is no buyout. So theoretically by no means it can be cancelled or bought out. However just now when there was still 30 mins left, the current bid became 0 and when I try to bid it says "this item is no longer available". It's kinda frustrating when finally you found something that can boost your dps and has a fairly reasonable sb, you waited for 36 hours and boom - it disappeared.

    I'm just curious, is it a bug? or is there any auction house mechanism that I am not aware of can cause this?

  • Tony ,

    We really can't tell you much about AH-related issues but if an item has no bids, the seller can cancel the auction at any time now, not in just the first 5 minutes. Also, if something happened and the sellers account were to become locked for whatever reason, any outstanding auctions they may have had running would be canceled.