Need Some Verification Please!

  • Ok I am a little confused with downloading the Beta and need some verification preferably from a Blizzard poster or anyone knowedgeable enough to help me with my issue. Upon trying to install the game I get "Diablo 3 requires a newer Operating System to run." When I click "ok" and try to install anyways it will say its installing and then cancel right away (I even tried downloading it through hardline with firewall and antivirus temporarily disabled but it did not work.) Upon clicking the more information tab it says the minimum requirements which lists one of them being Windows XP (which I have) However, I noticed that the graphic card needed was a minimum of an Nvidia 7800 card. Now a couple of questions arise:

    1. I have an Nvidia Quadro Pro Go FX 1400 graphics card (was told its the equivalant of an Nvidia Geforce 6800 card) and noticed in another thread that someone posted a link to a site that lists weather a card is unsupported or not. While the Nvidia 1400 card was listed as unsupported, it listed the Nvidia 6800 as being supported so my question is, is there a way to download the game to play or not?

    2. Ran the driver download page from a link from Archer's sticky and it gave me a download link for 3Ds max driver. While I don't care if there is 3D or not (I am pretty sure my laptop does not support 3D capabilities anyways) I tried to download it to see if it would make a differance but got "No applacation found for which a performance driver can be installed or updated." Is there a way of fixing this?

    3. Is D3 More advanced than WoW where I cannot play it on my laptop like I can with WoW or somthing?

    Bottom line is, I ran out of ideas or options to try and see if this game will work for me and want to know if there is any options or ideas I have not tried yet.

  • Kassutera ,

    Updating your Windows XP to Service Pack 3 should get around the OS not supported issue. You can use Windows Update for that.

    But you won't be able to get around the video card problem as far as I know.

    It's actually comparable to the NVIDIA GeForce Go 6800 which isn't supported either.
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