Nvidia Graphics Card GT 330

  • Experiencing the following graphic issue running a GT 330 on Driver 280.26:

    Upon loading the beta I receive a completely gray screen prior the logon page displaying. While on the logon page, there is a similar gray bar which goes away once I'm in game.

    It should be noted that this is likely a driver issue with release 280.26 since prior to that driver revision I did not experience the issue.
  • Could you post a screenshot? I'm moving this to the Technical Support forums and a screenshot will help them a lot. Thank you!
  • Feruk,

    I'd try uninstalling the current video drivers, running a driver cleaner program, then reinstalling them or an earlier release like 275.33.

    If you don't already have a preferred driver cleaner, I can suggest Driver Sweeper.


    To access archived Nvidia drivers, visit here:


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