D3 BetaKey Registered. Still getting Error 12

  • Roj
    Acquired a beta key today from Blizzard from my media accounts and I have applied them successfully but when I login it keeps getting the Error 12 message.

    I've registered for the beta about 3 hours ago.
  • Roj,

    It looks like the Authentication server has updated and is now showing the Diablo III Beta key on your account. Give it a try again in a little while as I think right now, the Beta servers may be down for maintenance.

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  • RojDog,

    Could you start your own thread and post a description of the problem you're having and what you've done so far to try fixing it? This thread is several months old and you were never a poster in it, so saying you "still" can't do something others were talking about back then doesn't help me help you today.

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