GTX 285 running at 105C+

  • So, I was playing last night and noticed that my video card was up at 105 degrees C at 80% fan speed. This seems way too high. I've bumped the fan up to 100%, but it still is approaching 100C. I'm posting for two reasons:

    1. To let devs know because I assume it isn't supposed to get that hot
    2. I'm wondering if I just shouldn't play if my GPU is getting that hot. From what I understand the GTX 285 can function at those temperatures, but it just seems dangerous to me.

    Any feedback would be appreciated!

    Here is my setup:
    i7 920 (clocked to 3.5, I believe)
    12 Gigs of ram
    GTX 285
  • Cochice,

    I have a system at home with a GTX 285 in it. I'll throw the beta on it tomorrow and post the results. As for drivers, I'm still using 275.33 on my GTX 580 at home and they seem to work fine for me. That's what I'll probably use on the 285.

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  • Ran a quick check on the temp, played for several minutes only, but the card reached 82C with the fan increasing to 58%. I'll run it a little longer later today, got errands to run right now :)