I can't run Diablo III (Note: Off topic silliness)

  • ....because I don't own the game!

    Anyways, first post and welcome everyone to the Diablo 3 forums
  • I'm sorry to hear that you've not been able to run Diablo III, Faraa. Unfortunately, we have decided to not support the game on the Amiga 500 platform. We absolutely understand the negative impact this will have on four to twelve people worldwide, but we felt this move was required in order to provide the highest quality of gaming experiences for our PC and Mac users.
  • But in all seriousness, Davidba, while we have you here how about giving us a glimpse into what the system requirements will be like.

    I'd love to Tsizzle, but we have to keep'em hush-hush for a while longer. However, since someone brought up our old Molton Core April Fools joke I will share with you an actual question and answer from an internal Blizzard FAQ on Diablo III.

    Q. Does Diablo III have sound?

    You heard it here first. Tell your friends. Diablo III has sound.
  • /Wave Hai sixen!

    You missed my hello on the legacy battle.net forums. I am on all forums meow! Well I guess I should say ba-ah-ah. I'm a sheep ya know.
  • 09/13/2011 11:33 AMPosted by Alvraen
    Sorry for those without D3 betas who can't post no' mo'. (Ressy, Archer, Blu, etc.)

    What about those of us with it? >.>
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