[Bug} Artifacts appearing on screen

  • I started playing for the first time tonight. Only 1 minute into the game, I started getting artifacts splashing across the screen. Below is a screen shot of what they look like:

    http://i960.photobucket.com/albums/ae85/dtrelford/sys32s album/Screenartifacts.png

    They are generally in the top right corner of the screen. I am running the game at 1920x1080 (16:9) fullscreen. I have tried switching to windowed mode, but the issue still occurs.

    I have been monitoring my GPU temps, which peak at 80 C during gameplay (which is hot, but normal for most games). I have Crysis 2 and the Witcher 2 pushing my GPU much hotter then that (up to 95 C), and yet I have not experienced artifacts in either game. My CPU idles around 32 C in the diablo 3 game menu, and hovers around 40 C during in-session gameplay.

    I have the most recent drivers (280.26 WHQL) for my EVGA gtx 460.

    The artifacts only appear in-session (not in the game menu). They happen sporadically in various locations (cellars, in town, out in the fields). Other then the artifacts, there is no stuttering or framerate loss.

    Edit: I increased my GPU fan speed to 100% which lowered the temperature to 66 C. This did not resolve the issue, so I doubt this is an overheating problem.

    Edit 2: I am now using the 285 drivers, and I'm still getting artifacts.
  • sYsDom,

    Have you made any changes at all to the Nvidia Control Panel 3D settings? If so, please set it to use the factory defaults again.

    If that's not a factor, try removing the current drivers, running a driver cleaner, then reinstalling them. Instructions for doing that follow:

    1. Download the latest driver release for your video card again if you didn't keep them from when you last installed them.

    Do not install the package yet

    2. Download and install Driver Sweeper from http://phyxion.net/Driver-Sweeper/Driver-Sweeper/
    3. Hold down the Windows key and press 'R'.
    4. Type 'appwiz.cpl' (no quotes) and hit Enter.
    5. Uninstall the following, in order:
    For Nvidia: Nvidia 3DVision, PhysX, and Graphics (Display) drivers.

    6. Run Driver Sweeper and place a check in the following boxes:
    Nvidia - Display
    Nvidia - PhysX
    7. Click 'Clean'.
    8. Reboot your computer, and install the package you downloaded from Step 1.
    8a. For Nvidia: Select "Custom" Installation. Install ONLY the Graphics (Display) and PhysX drivers.
    9. Reboot your computer one final time when prompted.

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