Mobile Intel(R)965 Express Chipset Family?

  • Hi,
    when I click on play in Blizzard Launcher it gives me an error window with this message: "We have detected the your video card is not supported by Diablo III Beta. Operating System: Windows Vista Service Pack 2. Video Card: Mobile Intel(R)965 Express Chipset Family."

    I check under your unsupported list but my video card isn'nt listed, neither in the other video card lists....I've downloaded also the last update for the video card, but still the problem remains.

    please help me, I was so happy to get the mail of beta-key winner yesterday and tonight I was wondering to play and have fun....I hope you could help me in finding a solution.
  • Caviglia,

    I'm afraid your Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family is in Intel's GMA X3100 line which is on our unsupported list.

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  • Marko,

    Same problem?

    The OP has an unsupported video card and was getting a message saying it was unsupported.

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