[Black screen] When starting beta

  • I installed the beta on the machine below and the game doesn't want to start. I get a black screen and it says "Input not supported".

    Operating System:
    CPU Type:
    Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E8500 @ 3.16GHz
    CPU Speed:
    3.18 GHz
    System Memory:
    3.25 GB
    Video Card Model:
    NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250
    Video Card Memory:
    1.86 GB
    Video Card Driver:
    Desktop Resolution:
    Hard Disk Size:
    283.02 GB
    Hard Disk Free Space:
    72.42 GB (26%)
  • Fenna,

    That's usually a sign you have the game set to use a refresh rate or resolution your monitor can't handle.

    Set the game to use windowed mode and then try setting the options to match what you want to use.

    To get it into windowed mode, open your My Documents folder and the Diablo III folder inside. You'll see a D3Prefs.txt file. Open it with Notepad and look for this line:

    DisplayModeWindowMode "0"

    Edit it to

    DisplayModeWindowMode "1"

    Save and exit and start the game up now.

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