Blizzard has gone to sleep...........

  • Hi all,
    The message "Blizzard has gone to sleep...……………." appears as Blizzard tries to connect to server...……... and attempts at trying to wake itself up seem futile.
    I am not a man prone to weeping but any more failed attempts at trying to play D3 will result in a flood of tears. (and I'm a Barb...… I haven't played since early May this year and have not installed the latest patch as I am unable to launch the game so that cant be the problem.
    The only change to my laptop since successfully playing D3 has been the latest Windows 10 upgrade 3 days ago. ( W10 upgrades till now have not affected the game ). I'm not even sure if that's the cause.

    I've searched for online help and tried all the "fixes" recommended by guys with similar issues. All to no avail. I am playing from Cape Town South Africa on the usually reliable European Realm.
    I notice that there are many players experiencing a multitude of issues with game connection and servers being down at the moment. Could it be that the impending global maintenance on Friday will put a smile back on my face?
    I don't know what else to do...………. maybe hoping that someone reading this will
    know exactly the reason for this mysterious seemingly unsolvable issue and offer some advice.
  • Greyfox,

    I've never heard of or seen a message with the phrasing "Blizzard has gone to sleep" so I'm not sure what your issue is really. Our error messages typically have a code associated with them and are clickable to take you a support article with suggestions for resolving it.

    Can you provide such a code if it exists and if it doesn't provide a link to a screenshot?

    We'll also need a specific list of things that have already been tried.
  • Greyfox,

    Could you please run through the steps in the following three support articles in order and see if it takes care of it for you? Some of the steps in a preceding article may overlap with the steps in the next article so feel free to skip them if they've already been done.

    Deleting Files -

    Deleting the Cache Folder -

    Uninstalling the Blizzard Desktop App -

    Basically, this is the best way to get a completely fresh installation of the Desktop App with no pre-existing data held in the cache folder. It should fix any issues caused by corrupted data.