Grey Screen Crash on Startup

  • Hi,

    unfortunately I have started to have trouble starting the game since I've been using my new gaming rig.

    Upon starting the game I see the Diablo 3 logo, the screen turns grey and immediatly after that the game crashes. Sometimes it does that without any kind of notification, sometimes I get an error message.

    The last time I got the follwing error code (I just switched to 32bit-mode and deactivated both Razer apps and Discord):

    My computer is set up as follows:
    Windows 10 Pro, most recent update
    I7 8700k
    Nvidia GTX1080@3440x1440 native resolution
    16GB RAM

    I have also tried reinstalling the game and the Battle.Net app.

    Any Idea?

  • Hey, MissVampie!

    Looking at your most recent crash, I noticed you have a ton of gaming software running. I would recommend disabling Discord Overlay to see if it resolves the issue first.

    If that does not help, I would recommend downloading and install Synapse 3 here: then reboot your computer.

    I would also recommend checking to see if the same thing happens on a new windows Admin account.

    If you are still having issues, please contact support and we will dig into this deeper: