• Have been strugglin this stuff for a while. I enter the game and cannot click the play button also the character selection button. Please help me...
  • Howdy Necrophagist,

    This can be caused by a couple things, please try the steps below to see if they fix up the issue for you.

    Driver Update

    Close Background Applications

    Scan and Repair

    If these don't work we will need a DXDIAG so we can get a better look at the issue.

    (Please put it in code blocks to make it easier to read. To do that past the report in a chat box. Then right click “Select All”-should highlight everything. Next click on the little </> symbol on the bar below the chat box.)
  • Hey hey Necrophagist!

    I'm really happy to hear that worked for you! Thank you for letting us know it worked!