No sound after battlenet patch

  • Hi,

    i have lost sound in Diablo 3 after battlenet update 2 days ago.
    Everything is set On .. sound in battlenet, sound in game .. every other game works fine, even HOTS .. youtube, movies, my "prom" collection :P .. just the sound in diablo is no go.

    Googled and found some solution, to change frequency in Sound setting .. no fix

    Uninstalled diablo .. battlenet .. tried downloading new drivers .. nothing works .. Diablo 3 is completely without a sound ..

    Need help ..
    what do you need?
  • Mind checking the Windows Audio settings? If you're on the latest Windows build, right click the Speaker icon in the taskbar and go to Sound. From there go to App volume and device preferences. Make sure the game audio is not muted or turned down. If Diablo III does not show up as an entry, make sure the game is open.

    If there's still issues let's grab a DxDiag report.
  • Try reinstalling these drivers here.