Crashes on Startup

  • Game starts then immediately crashes. Windows 10
  • Jhadin,

    From your crash report:

    DBG-MODULE<5BDC0000 0010d000 "CurseNativeOverlay32.dll" "CurseNativeOverlay32.pdb" 0 {0e448002-30b3-44d2-904f4103b18a6dbb} 1 1526490211>

    Try disabling the overlay feature in your Curse (Twitch) client.
  • Hey, Jhadin!

    Out of curiosity, does this happen on a new Windows Admin account?
  • Jhadin,

    In looking over all of your submitted crash reports, it seems they're all using Diablo III.exe which is for the 32 bit client. Could you give the 64 bit client a try and see what happens? You can make the change in the Desktop App in the Diablo III Game Settings section. Just disable "Launch 32-bit client(instead of 64-bit)".
  • Mythorir,

    See if disabling or uninstalling your Nahimic software has any effect.