32 bit client vs June 26, 2018 Windows Update

  • I recently started having issues with my Diablo 3 client. I used to run 64 bit until last year when extreme lag issues started effecting my game play. Launching in the 32 bit client resolved this issue, but I'm assuming that this may have been a temporary fix to the problem. I just recently updated my Windows 10 OS with the June 26th update. Now I'm experiencing a loading issue with the 32 bit client, as it will only load up to a grey screen. I switched back to the 64 bit client to see if that would load up, and it does, but it is extremely laggy, and really hampers my gaming experience.

    My current rig is using the NVidia GeForce GTX 1070, with the latest drivers installed. I am open for suggestions as to where to proceed to repair this issue.
  • Hey, DiscardedSin!

    Can you try to disable all background applications to verify if any other running programs or services may be causing an issue.

    I am not sure what other running programs you have, as we cannot view that in the DXDIAG. I would just make sure everything is disable during troubleshooting.

    I would also recommend creating a new Windows admin account to see if the same thing happens on the new Admin account.

    Lastly, make sure your ASUS software is completely up to date, or completely uninstalled. Outdated ASUS software has been known to cause some issues while playing.